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Inazuma Eleven: Victory Road Game’s 3rd Promo Video Reveals Theme Song by T-Pistonz

Level-5 started streaming on Saturday the third promotional video for : Victory Road (: Eiyuu-tachi no Victory Road), the latest game in the soccer franchise. The video features the game’s animated cutscenes by MAPPA (, ), and previews its theme song “Egao ga Goal!” (To Smile is the Goal!) by T-Pistonz. The video also reveals that the game will be available to play at this year’s Tokyo Game Show on September 21.

The story stars Unmei Sasanami, a young boy who yearns for a world without soccer, and follows his eventual meeting with Haru Endo, a soccer expert. The game features over 4,500 characters from the series.

The game will launch for Switch, PlayStation 4, iOS, and Android. Level-5 announced in March that the game will release this year, but in the company’s latest blog post, the company said that the game’s development is “going well,” but that Level-5 is slowing down the production to perfect the game. The company will announce a release date as soon as possible.

The game was originally slated for summer 2018 as the : Ares no Tenbin game for PS4, Switch, iOS, and Android, before its name changed to : Eiyū-tachi no Great Road. The game was delayed to fall 2018, then again to winter 2018, then to a general 2019 release date, and then again to spring 2020 before a delay to “probably” 2021. That release was delayed, and the game’s name has since changed again to : Victory Road.

Source: Level-5’s YouTube channel via Hachima Kiko



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