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Inbox: From AFL to MLB OD roster?

3:37 AM UTC

Phillies president of baseball operations Dave Dombrowski is not only the first executive to lead four different teams to the World Series, he has a chance to be the third A guy who led three different clubs to championships. The Astros probably won’t allow that to happen — my prediction is that Houston will win in five games — but Dombrowski has a Hall of Fame resume anyway.

Now go to inbox questions related to Fall League and Fall Classics. ..

AFL’s Which rookies have the best chance of making the team’s Opening Day roster next year? –@StevieDAles97

We tackled that on our latest Pipeline podcast, and the obvious choice for me was Cubs first baseman Matt Merwes (CHC’s No. 21 prospect), who finished with 5 in 11 games. Homers tied for Arizona’s fall league lead. He tore up the Triple-A in the final two months of the season, leading the Minors with 78 extra hits, 310 total bases and 119 RBIs, and has little to prove. Chicago also has a big hole at first base.

Merwes is the obvious choice among the location prospects for the development circuit, which is very Few have even played in Triple-A. But it wouldn’t be a shock if right fielder Jordan Walker (the AFL’s No. 6 top-rated rookie in the top 100) enters the Cardinals’ roster next spring.

Sam Dykstra and I also nominated a pair of relief candidates on the podcast, You can listen here.

I don’t think this is All too likely, but while we wait for the World Series and its roster, if it were your decision, would you add right-handed Andrew Pate to the Phillies? Even just as a bullpen option, I think he has a decent chance of keeping his own despite his inexperience. — JPS, Springfield, IL

Our Pipeline Pitcher of the Year, Painter dominates his professional debut this year. The 2021 first-rounder from Florida High has a 1.56 ERA in 103 2/3 innings, a 0.181 opponent average, and a 155/25 K/BB ratio while advancing from single-A to double A. He dominated with his fastball and slider, improved his curveball and substitutions, and showed advanced command for a 19-year-old.

There is no doubt that the Painter stuff and touches are impressive and we can See him in Philadelphia at that rate sometime in 2023. But if an injury creates a void for Philly’s World Series pitcher, I wouldn’t ask him to fill it.

Painter is very talented, he will probably keep his style, but as A teenager with 28 1/3 innings of double-A or better game experience might also be overwhelmed. I don’t want to find out it’s the latter in a critical situation, the championship is in sight. He also hasn’t raced since Sept. 16, his worst race of the year, so rust will be another issue.

What does Ston Kelstad think? — @as913

Kjerstad hit a home run on opening night in the AFL and has been efficient, batting 0.373/.403/.672, in hits (25), homers (5), outsiders (10), total Bases (45) and RBI (17). After delaying his professional debut for two years with myocarditis, an inflammation of the heart, he showed why the Orioles made him the No. 2 overall pick in the 2020 draft.

When I saw him in the first week of the fall league season, thank you Ulstad looks like the guy who was a star for three years at the University of Arkansas. The right fielder has far above-average raw power on the left side of the plate, and while his explosiveness overshadows his ability to hit the ball, his hard touches are enough to cause damage.

Kjerstad in High-A the last two months of his first professional season Still has to prove he can handle senior pitching after the scrimmage, but his return to the diamond world this year is encouraging. If he can deliver on the promise he showed before he was sidelined, he’ll give the Orioles another intermediate bat to go with Adley Rutschman and Gunnar Henderson.

Miguel Bleis on What’s behind the big boost to stocks this past season? –@soxfanjoey

Bleis’ stock has really skyrocketed this year, largely because he showed his all-around ability to a larger audience when he made his U.S. debut. When the Red Sox sign him from the Dominican Republic for $1.5 million in 2021, they expect him to be a center fielder, at least potentially an all-rounder. That’s exactly what he looked like when he hit .301/.353/.542 with 23 hits and 18 steals in the rookie-level league at Florida State at age 18.

The fifth-ranked Red Sox rookie needs to develop more plate discipline, But time is on his side, and he’s a potential 25-25 player who impresses with his instincts and his tools. He should be able to stay in the centre-forward position, and if he has to move into the corners, his attacking dominance and arm strength will play nicely on the right side. He’s Boston’s best international prospect since Rafael Devers.



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