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Increased adipocyte thermogenesis during circadian activity limits weight gain in mice

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A team of researchers from Northwestern University, A pair of colleagues with the University of Texas found that increased fat cell heat production can limit weight gain in mice during the active phase of the daily circadian rhythm. Their paper is published in the journal Science ; Rosalind and Morris Goodman Cancer Institute, McGill University Damien Lagarde and Lawrence Kazak of the same journal published a Perspective article outlining the team’s work on this new work.

Previous studies have shown that overeating during periods of inactive circadian rhythm in mice and humans leads to higher Horizontal weight gain. Likewise, adherence to time-restricted feeding (TRF) can reduce weight gain. But until now, why this happens was not fully understood.

To learn more about high-fat diets in mice during the circadian phase, the researchers gave both groups Mice were fed a high-fat diet. One group was fed during the active period (dark) and the other group was fed during the inactive period (dawn). They then took a closer look at what happened in the two groups of fat cells.

The researchers found that mice fed during periods of inactivity gained weight, as expected. But they also learned more about the factors behind this weight gain. The biggest of these is thermogenesis, the process of producing heat in the body. They found that increased thermogenesis in fat cells (due to increased creatine in fat cells) during the active phase of the circadian rhythm is at least partly responsible for limiting weight gain.

They also found that zinc finger proteins can block genes responsible for producing chemicals that regulate heat production by controlling production Adenosine triphosphate. They concluded that their work helps explain why TRF can play such an important role in weight management.

More information:
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