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India Amarteifio takes the crown for Queen Charlotte: A Bridgetown Story

When India Amarteifio first saw Bridgerton, she was “totally overwhelmed by all these people I look like in period costumes . I thought, ‘I want to be a part of this.'” Now, she will be: The 17 year-old actor from South West London is poised to take the lead as Golda Rosheuvel in the Young incarnation in Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story, the highly anticipated prequel to the teen-centric Regency romance. The titular monarch is believed to be Britain’s first half-blood royal.

Written by Shonda Rhimes herself, the Netflix extravaganza opens with the arrival of Charlotte

Century London, in just 12, from her native Germany. Against her will, she’s engaged to young King George III (Cory Melchrist), a man she’s never met, and—in the show’s reimagining of history— — eager to plot her escape. But then, despite herself, she slowly falls in love with her new husband and begins to adjust to her position of power. At first she feels like a fish out of water in a predominantly white court and faces intense pressure from her mother-in-law (Michelle Fairley) to provide an heir, but once she finds her voice, she succeeds Sparked a remarkable social transformation that set the stage for the excitingly diverse world of the original series.

Speaking on Zoom, wearing a gray hoodie cozy in a corner of her grandparents’ house in the Midlands, at the start of her demanding journalism Before, she was taking a break, and Amarteifio was cheerfully self-deprecating and candid — and understandably worried about how the spin-off might drastically change her life. As we count down to the May 4 release, she tells us about the hidden details she’s been performing for over a decade, the hidden details to look out for in her outfits, and the power of seeing herself as queen.

Fashion: I know you’re a child actor. When did you make your screen debut?

India Amarteifio: I am eight months old I was doing a Vodafone ad with my mum. I just found out about this the other day – she told me they did an open call and she just shook with me [ laughing ]. Growing up, I loved theater and dance, and when I was nine, I auditioned for The Lion King

on the West End. I did it for about a year, then moved on to Matilda, then Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Around that time, I won a scholarship to the Sylvia Youth Drama School. I was doing West End Live with them in Trafalgar Square when I was 12 – we were doing Little Shop of Horrors I dress up as a tree. I didn’t warm up properly, I jumped into the splits and felt like my hamstring was tearing. I carried on in that moment, but then, as I got older, I realized it might never fully heal. I kept pushing myself and kept pushing to hurt. We had a career night when I and I started thinking, “If I keep doing this, my career will be short.” So, I started focusing on acting and ended up with small roles in Doctor Who,Tunnel,

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