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Indiana Jones retro action figure from Hasbro

Adventure has a name and it has its own action figure. And this puppet looks a lot like its old puppet.

Hasbro launched a retro Indiana Jones Hasbro Pulse Action figures from Con, whose annual convention showcases toys and brands from Star Wars and Marvel to GI Joe and Transformers. The company is also building the Indiana Jones brand, which will return to the cultural spotlight in a 2021 new film starring Harrison Ford returns as an archaeologist and adventurer.

On Saturday Hasbro unveiled the Indiana Jones retro collection, inspired by Kenner’s earlier action figure lines.

3. 30-inch- Scaled Indy figure details to look like Indiana Jones and Indiana Jones and Raiders of the Lost Ark characters with quick moves for exciting quick draws Arm pistol and realistic whipping action.

The retail price of the figure is $10.30 and hit stores and online retailers Spring, just in time for the fifth film, directed by James Mangold, set to open in theaters in June 09, 2023.

At this stage, only Indy gets the retro treatment. The original Kenner series featured several characters, including Marion Ravenwood, Sallah, and Toht. Originals can sell for hundreds of dollars on eBay, depending on condition and packaging.

Hasbro will launch more Indiana Jones products next month. One line will have more high-end 6-inch figures, and it’s being billed as part of the Adventure series, similar to its hugely popular Star Wars Black Series. A replica of Ra’s Scepter is another item from the Indiana Jones Silo.

Indiana Jones Vintage Collection Hasbro Provided 1980

Indiana Jones Vintage Collection by Hasbro 2021

Indiana Jones Vintage Collection Courtesy of Hasbro 2021 ) 450



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