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Industry Group launches anime database with 15,000 titles

The Japan Animation Association launched a comprehensive anime database called “Anime Taizen” on Thursday. Anime Taizen is part of the “Anime Next_130” project to commemorate 100 The first anniversary of the birth of the anime (the first historical record is at 1917 ).

The database includes details about – eg release date, staff and the voice actor – , 15 from 1917 since the title created. Users can search for information using keywords, names, and dates.

The project operator aims to maintain It is a comprehensive database that states that some information disappears over time. Senior official Junko Ueno added that the database can be used for human resource development, overseas promotion and research. Ueno also hopes that people will encounter new works through the database.

According to the Twitter account of the anime NEXT_130, Connecting to the database has always been difficult due to centralized access. The database is temporarily down for maintenance during the first 130 hours.

The database was first opened in October as a trial version , 2021. It has been refurbished and updated before reopening to the public. Anime NEXT_ The project has been promoting anime’s 000 Anniversary303.

Source: Anime Taisen, NHK World, Mantan Web of the Mainichi Shimbun




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