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Inheritance season 4, episode 2: Best lines, ranked

Successing In the rearview mirror Sunday, it’s time for us to parse once again the shocking, poetic Dirty words left the room. Here are some of the best lines from episode two of the show’s fourth and final season, in which Roy’s kids question each other’s allegiances at karaoke as Logan tries to make money for his assistant/lover Kerry (hint, Kerry) The bangs are very heavy, and broadcasting talents are also very scarce:

1. “I love you, but you are not serious”

This perfect Logan line is telling Ali “You can’t do anything!” during a conversation with Maura at transparent.

2. The Roman line “Hey Buddha, good Tom Ford”

is in the trailer for a good reason.

3. “Sunday-Monday show: dookie; Tuesday-Wednesday show: dookie; Friday-Saturday show: lots of stinky dogs”

They should Give Kendall Roy a bigger role in ATN copywriting. He clearly has a knack for it.

4. “I don’t know, he Just hanging out. Terrible”

Greg is right, watching Logan walk around the newsroom is pretty scary.

5. “You’re a fucking pirate!”

If my media boss yelled at me, I’d probably join Indeed at nightfall , but I have to admit it’s a fine line.

6. “Throw her another ten grand. Or a snowmobile and some teeth whitening vouchers”

I think Roman underestimated Willa’s value, but lol.

7. “Merry Christmas, you clock-watching bastards “

Logan Roy is going to be Logan Roy!

8. “A real bar – with chicks and hands Men who work with grease and have sweaty hands and blood in their hair”

Connor’s take on “normal people” The bar is perfect. I love crazy rich people .

9. “Everyone hits me, I’m fucking annoying”

Yes Roman is traumatized , but I would call it self-awareness.

. “I want to sing a song at karaoke song ’cause i saw it in the movie and no one wants to go’

you really break my heart connor cause i know the struggle! it’s real Yes!

10. “Why am I looking at these pizzas? I’m dying”

Perfect delivery and perfect impression of a media company tycoon who is more worried about the paltry cost of buying pizza for his employees than… .Anything else.

12. “Her location is an aquarium supply retailer. That doesn’t make sense. Is that a drug? “

This is why Find My Friends should only be used in emergencies!

13. “Congratulations on losing your betrayal cherry”

This is a pivotal moment for every member of the Roy family.

12. “Wrong arm”

Watching Greg try to shoot Kerry Giving feedback is like watching a mouse versus a lion.

14. “It’s like Israel/Palestine, only more Harder, more important”

We love perspective, don’t we, guys?

14. “This sounds like homework: the show”

Shiv perfectly sums up how I feel about the start of this season, TBH.

Honorable Mention:

It’s not the lines, but seeing Gerri and Hugo laugh when Kerry tries to be the anchor (and then tries to hide from Logan They’re fun) ) so much fun.




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