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Inner Crow ‒ Episodes 9-10

How do you rate episode 9 of

inner Raven Palace?

Community Rating: 4.4

How would you rate it Plot ‘s

Inner Crow?

Community Rating: 4.5 Someone died, the question is whether they died conscious arrive. Never shying away from darker themes, the idea of ​​spirits in need has been at its core from almost the first episode. But nearly all of these people know they’re no longer alive, and in the overarching plot that unfolds in the second half of the show, that might not necessarily be the case. This possibility was raised a few episodes ago when a woman who smelled like mourning came to the Crow Concubine’s palace in the middle of the night. She asked Shou Xue for help and brought me back to life, and at that time I couldn’t help wondering whether this woman herself was the one who wanted to return to the human world. It was later suggested that it might not be her but someone she loved died, but I don’t think we can take that for granted now. But what we can assume is that the people she turns to for her resurrection needs are no good, and this is demonstrated in the plot When a woman is found murdered by the ruins of a tree and the grounds of the inner palace . While I’m not sure owls and crows are necessarily natural enemies, Shou Xue is often The man called the Owl stands opposite her, which seems to matter. Partly because, as far as I know, he’s the only male character named after a bird. While all females are given titles such as Magpie Consort or Crow Consort, the males are mostly known by position (such as minister) or name. The fact that she immediately associates him with a bird seems significant, and not just because she first met him when the goddess flew free in bird form. The story doesn’t explain why birds are so important in its world; I speculate it might be due to their critical position between the boundaries of heaven and earth, but that’s my personal opinion and can’t be sure. It now appears that birds may also have some connection to the paranormal, and that men are associated with raptors and most women are associated with songbirds, seems like something we shouldn’t ignore. If nothing else, this could mean that his magic doesn’t align with the natural world, and of course his assertion that bringing the dead back to life is not only possible but relatively easy is a major warning sign. Episode 9 first really brought up the idea of ​​ghosts, not realizing they were dead. At this moment, a court lady appeared in front of the concubine Ya, complaining that she heard the voice of the dead mistress in the sound of falling into the water. She is important not only because she died before coming to Shouxue, but also because she was the first soul that Crow Princess could not send, at least as far as we know. This comes down directly to the meddling of the man she calls the owl, which again is a huge factor in whatever overarching plot these episodes are building. His actions seem to suggest that he is not interested in other people’s peace or happiness; of course, he has worked hard to dismantle Concubine Crow’s attempts, and despite Shou Xue’s efforts to help her, he still has his soul trapped in the lake. But, of course, we cannot assume that this person is ostensibly alive. In the episode 80, if you look at his hand next to that of the doomed maid on the handle of the bucket, you will see that his skin is grayer than hers. Rather than the anime style indicating that males are generally darker-skinned than females, this is likely a sign of the fact that there is no blood flowing through his veins. In short, his complexion seemed lifeless next to her living flesh. When we think about it, we know the character in the name his master gave him to his former apprentices, we really have to question his parentage and his potential undeadness, both of which may have something to do with what motivates him . With all this going on, it’s impressive that the show Still time is devoted to the relationship between Gao Jun and Shou Xue. We know she can’t help but start liking him, and when she’s called up this week by an old scholar who says her ex would never allow her to develop a relationship like the one she’s in, we can tell she’s feeling guilty. As far as Gao Jun is concerned, he is also not sure whether he should really pursue the relationship; he knows that his most trusted eunuchs object, and he also realizes that he may anger some ministers in the cabinet because of his lack of sexual attention to other concubines, we It may be assumed that several of them, they very clearly placed in his place in our palace, wished to consolidate their grip on power. We don’t hear stories of successful marriages between the Summer and Winter Kings, but that doesn’t mean they didn’t happen; it’s likely that somewhere along the line, someone rewrote history to better fit their own vision of how power should be. The idea of ​​belonging. If that’s the case, it’s up to our protagonists to decide for themselves, since it’s unlikely the emperor’s ministers would do so to their own detriment. The supernatural and mysterious plot is advancing step by step, Gao Jun and Shou Xue may not have much Time to figure out their relationship. In almost any other story, I’d say they need the help of a goddess served by the consort of the crow; in this case? They are likely to be alone and have their own work to do. Rating: is currently streaming on Crunchyroll.



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