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Inside Hotel Corazón, the new Mallorca hotel run by artists for artists

This sense of community is also reflected in the hotel’s food offerings, which focus on seasonal and local cuisine. In the relaxed 50 seating outdoor dining area and bar, with sweeping views of the Tramuntana mountains, the owners wanted to pay homage to Hotel Corazón’s original purpose: a rich, fertile farm hosting 10 Garden beds filled with vegetables, fruits and herbs, all grown using traditional regenerative farming techniques. Produce is harvested at the peak of ripeness and delivered directly to the kitchen, run by legendary local chef Grace Barrow, and any food grown off-site is sourced entirely from local growers and suppliers.

Photo: Anna Malmberg

The couple’s goal is to make the Corazón Hotel experience immersive, partly through experiences offered inside and outside the hotel. In addition to art exhibits and regular on-site events such as sound experiences, massages, reiki and yoga, guests also have access to Belm’s Black Book of Island Wonders, including the best secret swimming spots, hikes, caves and waterfalls. “After years of adventure, I still find parts of the island that amaze me,” she said. While travelers have long imagined Mallorca as a summer resort, Belm believes that the island really comes alive in winter; therefore, Hotel Corazón will be open year-round.




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