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Insomnia After School ‒ Episode 9

What do you think of Episode 9 of After School Insomniacs ?

Community Rating: 4.4

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©Makoto Ojiro, Shogakukan/Insomniacs After School Production Committee

OK, So after the major mood swings we experienced last week, it makes sense that this episode will take a bit of a breather. If we’re looking at the episode from a plot standpoint, there’s not much going on outside of the setting. I can only imagine this will be the next big emotional moment surrounding this trip that our two leaders have planned. Our characters have some time alone, and we witness how they interact outside of school, which is a nice change of pace. But I would argue that this episode was brilliant in its blink-and-miss moments. vlcsnap-2023-05-29-16h05m56s313.png When Ganta discusses how he doesn’t like being dependent on his father for most things, We’ll learn more about him and his family life. We haven’t been able to determine if Ganta’s mom left them, or if she has passed away. Regardless, Ganta’s father seems to be very guilty of this and tends to overcompensate his son, which ironically leads him to buy a camera for Ganta in the first place. It’s unknown if Ganta’s reluctance to depend on his father is out of stubborn pride, or if he blames his father for what happened, or both. Regardless, he’s very independent, and I hope that doesn’t cause him to start turning people away. This seems to be how he used to be, outside of a friend or two. But Isaki has gotten so deep in his heart that everyone thinks they’re dating already. When the girls went to the beach, Isaki’s friend commented in passing how much Isaki wished she could go to the beach with her boyfriend, and that was a great moment. We also get a glimpse of some of Isaki’s surgical scars as he changes into his swimsuit. The best part is definitely near the end of the episode when Izaki tries to tease Maruta about her idea of ​​getting bumped on the beach, but instead, the two laugh without tension. I don’t think Isaki is trying to make Ganta jealous, but trying to see his reaction. The two don’t seem to be rushing into a relationship, though it doesn’t feel like they need to do a lot to cross that line. vlcsnap-2023-05-29-16h05m56s313.png Rating: is currently playing on HIDIVE. vlcsnap-2023-05-29-16h05m56s313.png



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