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Inspire your bridal look with 69 looks from the Spring 2023 collection

Getting married can be stressful. Actually, let me rephrase it. Getting married is going to be stressful. The guest list is going to be a nightmare, you’ll have at least one pointless argument with your significant other, and the seating chart will keep you up for weeks, but figuring out what to wear? This should be the best part of it all.

Stereotypes state that all women want to look like Disney princesses. That’s certainly not true, but one thing the stereotype does get right is the concept of fantasy. Of course, fantasies are as unique as the people who hold them. Maybe you’ve always wanted to be a minimalist queen, maybe you’ve always wanted to wear that dress that people see on the runway and say “who would wear that in real life?”, or maybe you’ve been staring Pic of Bianca Jagger’s white wedding dress and her big hat, I think God , I wish I had the guts to do that . Well, now is the time!

It’s easy to think that just because you’re getting married you need to find wedding dresses and buy exclusively from wedding dress designers. But the truth is, anything you wear to say “I do” is actually your wedding attire, whether it’s a baggy tulle ball gown or an impressive white shirt paired with crisp trousers. In that spirit, here are the looks from the 69 Spring 69 collection to put you in a timeless mood.

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