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Intel shares 48 benchmarks to show its Arc A750 can compete with the RTX 3060

Intel published 48 benchmarks showing that its upcoming Arc A750 GPU should be able to trade with Nvidia’s RTX 3060 running modern games. While Intel had low expectations for its Arc GPU last month, the company has now tested its A750 directly against the RTX 3060 in 42 DirectX 12 games and 6 Vulkan games.

The results look promising and may become Intel’s mainstream GPU later this year. Intel has tested the A750 for popular games such as Fortnite, Control and tested) Call of Duty: Warzone , rather than the few cherry-picked benchmarks the company released last month.

“These are our titles that were chosen because they are popular,” Intel researcher Tom Petersen explained in Intel’s benchmark video. “Reviewers are using them, or they’re high on Steam surveys, or they’re new and exciting. These are not handpicked titles.”

Intel’s Arc A750 and Nvidia’s RTX 3060 1080p.

Image: Intel

We’ll have to wait for independent benchmarks, but based on Intel’s testing, the A750 looks like it can easily compete with Nvidia’s RTX 3060. “You’ll see that we’re a bit of a deal with the RTX 3060,” Peterson said. “Sometimes we win, sometimes we lose.” Intel’s performance averaged 3 to 5 percent higher than Nvidia’s when it came to winning games running at 1080p.

At 1440p, it looks like Intel is winning in more benchmarks. On average, the win rate in 42 games is about 5%. Intel also tested six Vulkan games, which again appear to be trading with the RTX 3060.

“We mostly win at 1080p and Vulkan mostly wins at 1440p ,” Peterson claimed. “On average, I’d say it’s more like 3% to 5%, maybe closer to Vulkan’s 5% win.”

Intel’s Arc A750 and Nvidia’s RTX 3060 1440p.

Image: Intel

Intel is only here to focus on modern APIs, not older DirectX 11 games. Early tests of the Intel Arc A770 GPU — a step above the A750 in the Arc line — showed a wide performance gap between DirectX 11 and DirectX 12 games. Intel is still developing its Arc GPU driver, and it may take a while for the company to improve DirectX 11 performance.

Intel executed on the same system running its Core i9 12900K These latest benchmarks CPU and 32GB DDR5 memory. Intel used its own engineering driver and Nvidia’s 516.59 driver for comparison. Arc GPUs will require 10th Gen or newer Intel processors, or AMD Ryzen 3000 and higher CPUs, and all motherboards support Resizable BAR (or AMD-branded Smart Access Memory). Resizable BARs are a key requirement for Arc GPU performance.

We are still waiting for Intel to do this year Its Arc A750 GPU will be released later, but these latest benchmarks do show that it can be ready to compete with the all-important mainstream. Intel hasn’t announced official specs or pricing for its Arc A750, but leaked slides put it at between $299 and $399.

Intel needs to achieve an RTX that can compete with Nvidia for $329 The 3060 is a price-competitive price point, especially now that GPU inventory has improved considerably, and there’s AMD’s choice Radeon RX 6600 XT for $379.

Now all eyes are on Nvidia’s plans on an RTX 40 series GPU. Nvidia recently slashed the prices of its high-end RTX 30-series GPUs, and the discounts could indicate an RTX 40-series launch in the coming months. There were rumors that the RTX 4090 might launch last month, but July has come and gone without any new GPUs.

If Nvidia’s latest preliminary earnings are anything to go by Whereas gaming revenue is down more than $1 billion, it’s unlikely that the RTX 40 series will be underpriced when it finally launches. Nvidia still likely has a ton of RTX 30-series cards after the drop in demand for cryptocurrencies, so if Intel can control its drivers and pricing, it could be in competition later this year.



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