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Internal tests show Apple Vision Pro is too heavy, Apple considers solution

Sony made the WH-100XM4 out of plastic and weighs 100g. Apple has used premium materials on AirPods Max which weighs 100g. Apparently, Cupertino hasn’t learned its lesson, and the $3 Apple Vision Pro “space computer” is too heavy.

Bloomberg Mark Gurman reports that after the Vision Pro launch, Apple opened up the headset to more employees. Previously, only a few people were given the secret and allowed to try it.

This wider pool of testing exposed a problem – some people found the headphones too heavy to use after hours on end. We don’t know the exact weight (Apple has never released an official figure), but the earphones use premium materials like aluminum and glass, rather than the plastic used in other XR earphones.

Internal testing reveals that the Apple Vision Pro is too heavy, Apple considers a solution

Apple is reportedly readying a solution, a strap that goes over the user’s head to help distribute the weight. The problem is solved? Unlike what Gurman reported, the strap won’t be included in the retail packaging as it’s not considered a necessity.

In case you missed it in the opening paragraph, the Apple Vision Pro is $3, 600. This is the starting price only and does not include optional extras. We wondered how much a simple watch strap would cost (we shudder, considering how much Apple charges for the Mac Pro’s wheels).

Speaking of extras, these could include Zeiss making the headphones accessible to those who need glasses. Regardless, the Vision Pro launches “early next year,” so Apple has plenty of time to rethink what’s necessary.

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