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Internet reacts to creepy Forspoken trailer with parody and outrage

Facepalm: There are several good reasons to be excited about Forspoken, the action RPG from Square Enix and Luminous Productions. Not only does it look like a potentially great game, but it’s likely the first PC game to use Microsoft’s DirectStorage. Sadly, its latest trailer didn’t stir up any sense of excitement. Instead, viewers are so freaked out that their actual skeletons are curling (probably).

A 32-second trailer posted on the official Forspoken Twitter account showcases a lot of impressive gameplay. The internet has been going crazy for it, but not for the game itself; it’s the dialogue from protagonist Frey Holland that has people scrambling to reply.

“So let me be straight,” Holland said in a half-sarcastic/cynic tone that would make Chandler Bean blush. “I was in a place that wasn’t what I said Earth, and I saw terrifying dragons, and – oh yes! – I was talking to my cuff! Yes, well, that’s what I’m going to do now Thing. I’ll be magic, killing beasts and jacked up, and I’ll probably fly next.”

— Forspoken (@Forspoken) August 8, 2022

The trailer has some good points – obviously not from Square Enix’s point of view. It led to a series of very interesting parodies in which the dialogue was applied to other games. The God of War parody is a highlight:

Who am I? Yes, it turns out I’m a freak. Shyeah, I love that axe life. That handsome devil next to me? Fam, this is my boy. He can thank me for my beauty and my formative trauma. Fighting the Hekkin Vikings is not easy. But honestly? As a parent ragnaroxx — Nicholas Kole (@FromHappyRock) August 9, 2022

So this is a blood-derived one.

— wes (@funnywes) August 10, 2022

There are definitely loads more like this.

Ok.. where do I start? I’m in scary space! Isn’t this crazy? Whatever that means, I have to find a “metroid”…you know how this adventure really sharpens my gear? Those goddamn, stinky, smelly pirates—oh, jeez…hey…they’re right behind me, aren’t they?

— ERROR (playing outfield!!) 🐇 COMMITTEE CLOSED (@PlushError) August 10, 2022

PC Gamer points out that it is surprising how many well-known writers are associated with Forspoken. Veteran TV writer Alison Reimer is one of them, as is Amy Hennig, best known for her work on the Uncharted and Legacy of Kane series.

Some of the comments are not humorous, though. Some said the dialogue was so bad that it kept them from playing the games they were expecting. Hopefully or for sure, what we hear in the final product won’t be as bad as the trailer.

Forspoken was delayed for the second time last month, pushing the launch from October to January 2023, meaning we are now unlikely to see Microsoft DirectStorage technology running in Windows 11 this year.



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