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interview neptune

What is your form of expression that best represents you?

Performing arts and body art in general is a pool where I can fit in and take more of my favorite disciplines at the same time. In terms of representation, I don’t know because I’ve been a performer at Plastic, so I try something different every Saturday. Definitely using my body as a medium is what fascinates me the most.

Nettuno by Eleonora d’Angelo

hat Lessico Familiare

Neptune by Eleonora d’Angelo

Is there a place where others can’t see you ?

is pretty much everything I can think of. We all construct our own image, and then people read a little bit as much as they want.

Do you feel like you are part of something?

Fortunately, yes. I think there’s a real urgency to building a solid transnational queer collective consciousness, and I’m definitely not alone in that view.

Nettuno by Eleonora d’Angelo

top Dennj

Have a conversation you’d like to start? with whom?

Anyone who knows me knows I’m not known for small talk…. My favorite characters are the ones who probably aren’t willing to reveal their secrets .



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