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Interview with Thomas (T.) Jean Lax

What is your favorite place in New York?

Where New York propped me up is where I met you: in Pat Hall’s dance class. An amazing teacher and community builder, Pat has held weekly ceremonies to spread Afro-Caribbean culture and Haitian dance for nearly four decades. It was special to be in a non-institutional space that was so open and lasted so long. It took a lot of care and creativity to be a place of joy for so many people.

Favorite soundtrack for taxi rides?

I prefer to commute by subway or bike, but if I take a taxi, I appreciate the city’s thinking space and soundtrack.

Do you agree that a dance floor is more than just a dance floor?

The dance floor is like an art gallery, or a house of worship, or a classroom. In these spaces, codes and hierarchies still exist. But you can also try and play with expectations, and when they build up in our day-to-day lives, they impair our ability to follow different paths in our minds and the rest of our bodies.

Are you leaving New York? If yes, where would you go?

New York is a city built on financial accumulation, making it nearly impossible to live for those without financial resources. However, it is also a refuge for all kinds of outsiders and refugees. “New Yorker” is one of only a few identities that I claim without hesitation, because anyone can call themselves a New Yorker. Part of what I love about this place is that it’s a crossroads with a certain connection to the rest of the world.

By birth and by lucky chance, I have family in Europe and Latin America, especially France and Brazil. I hope to deepen my relationship with the people of both places by taking advantage of the incredible resources New York City has to offer.



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