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Introducing Nap Jewelry – Shop the Jewelry You'll Never (and Never) Have to Take Off

I’m not a snooze person, but if I were, I’d doze off with earrings on. For me, I honestly don’t even think about taking all my clothes off at night. Maybe I’m overdressed, maybe I’m lazy, maybe I’m crazy, but I feel comfortable with jewelry. And, I admit it. I sleep in my jewelry.

It might be wise to reveal that my everyday jewelry—especially earrings—rarely leans large (or even medium). That’s not to say it’s low in number: studs, hoops, bracelets, pendant necklaces, and more. But trust me when I tell you: I’m amazed (yes, amazed!) to hear a friend of mine say that she takes off her engagement and wedding rings every night! I was equally delighted to hear a jeweler friend tell me that she, too, almost never takes off her jewelry to sleep. Really, only cycle through new or different options.

Editors and jewelers will disagree if I have poor etiquette in jewelry. I’m sure how much my earlobes have aged with each puff of a pillow full of earrings. Given this leak, how much more service should I provide for my piece (ie: have the jeweler tighten the clasp, make sure the stone is securely set, etc.)?

For those of you who are firmly in my camp (and even those who are against it), you may find it interesting that a specific type of earring can make sleeping more comfortable. The flat back eliminates the possibility of poking. Assuming none of this matters – and I really hope it doesn’t – I’m not sure I’d be advocating sleeping in highly complex, intricate pieces or anything too tight. The fewer necklaces you wear, the less chance you’ll get tangled up in the middle. Fingers naturally swell by the end of the day, so chunky rings might be worth taking off nightly – which I do (!), and watches can be heavy – and tick! – it’s so nice to have them on the nightstand.

Below, more ideas on the best nap jewelry to wear no matter what.


Maison Miru Colette Nap Earrings

Ileana Makri Hoop Earrings

Jacquie Aiche Sophia Earring

Pamela Love Mushroom Stud

Maria Tash Gold Hoop Earrings


Mizuki Pearl & kt Gold Bracelet

Briony Raymond Étoile Bracelet

Fernando Jorge Double Bracelet

Wempe Classics Everloving Renaissance Bracelet

Cartier Juste un Clou bracelet


Oak and Luna Woven Stacking Ring

Repossi Antifer Heart Ring

Christina Alexiou Protective Eye Ring


David Yurman Initial Pendant Necklace

Kendra Scott Cailin Necklace

Brent Neale Snail Necklace


3685756851454Mimoke Orapa blanca necklace



8353472860De Beers Jewelers Dewdrop Necklace

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