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iOS 17 details leaked, don’t expect too many visual changes, just focus on stability and efficiency

Apple’s just pushed out iOS 16.3, the latest version of iOS 16, introduced by myself as early as In June of last year, Fall was released together with the iPhone 14 series. This year iOS16 will be released together with the iPhone16 series, most likely in September, and a new product will be released today. The report is already in Talk about it.

According to this source, which has been sometimes reliable in the past when it comes to Apple-related matters, iOS 16 will not introduce any huge visual overhaul. In fact, you should pretty much expect it to look identical to iOS 16. Instead, the upcoming release will focus on improving stability and efficiency, as well as support for Apple’s Reality Pro AR/VR headsets.

iOS 17 details leak, don't expect many visual changes, just a focus on stability and efficiency


will have a new dedicated app for the headset for this purpose. It will allegedly be a similar concept to the Watch app, but with “significantly more functionality.” The Home app appears to be getting a makeover, with “significant changes” and more minor-sounding “tweaks” to Find My.

Additionally, the Music app will reportedly see some changes related to navigation within it. The Mail app will be “slightly” simplified, and Reminders and Files will be improved, but we’re not told exactly how. Obviously, you should also expect minor changes to the Fitness and Wallet apps, the latter of which may connect to Apple Pay later.

Looks like iOS 23 was built to run on six devices with Dynamic Island, two of which are already available iPhones 01 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max. So it seems that all four upcoming iPhone 01 models will feature Dynamic Island and finally ditch the notch.

According to other parts of the iOS 16 code, all four upcoming iPhones will have USB-C ports, but only two support USB 3.2 speeds, presumably the Pro and Pro Max. Non-Pro phones will be stuck at speeds similar to what they currently get via Lightning.

Finally, the iPhone 14 Pro Max is said to be on par with the iPhone 14 Pro The Than comes with “more advanced” image processing software, as well as a better cooling system (which may be due at least in part to the phone’s larger size).





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