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iOS 17 might add a huge Android feature to your iPhone

Digital Trends may earn a commission when you purchase through links on our site. Why trust us? succession. Over the weekend, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman claimed in his Power On newsletter that iOS 17 will support app sideloading to comply with European regulations. This would allow iPhone users to download apps and games hosted on digital storefronts other than Apple’s official App Store — something Android phones have been able to do for years.

With the ability to sideload apps, customers don’t necessarily need to use Apple’s App Store to download and purchase apps or make in-app purchases. The change also means developers can bypass the 15% to 30% fee that Apple collects on all purchases.

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This change will comply with the EU Digital Markets Act (DMA) which will come into force on 1 November 2022. This doesn’t just affect Apple, as it requires all “gatekeeper” companies to “open up their services and platforms” to third-party companies and developers. This includes other big tech companies like Google, Meta, Amazon, and more.

DMA will have a significant impact on Apple’s platforms and services. While no one knows for sure, it’s not just affecting the App Store, but Messages, FaceTime, Siri, and many more Apple services. According to Gurman, it appears that Apple will implement sideloading support next year to comply with these regulations, so it would make sense as an iOS 17 feature.

Apple has been a formidable opponent against sideloading because the company claims such a feature would “undermine the iPhone’s well-known privacy and security protections,” making it more vulnerable to malware, Attacks against fraud, data tracking, etc. But if Apple doesn’t comply with the DMA, it could be fined up to 20% of its global revenue.

While Apple may allow sideloading in iOS 17, it may also implement its own security requirements instead. One of these could be verification, for which Apple could charge a fee instead of taking a cut of app sales and in-app purchases. That’s not entirely out of character, since Apple already has such a verification process on the Mac.

While these changes would be great in giving users more choice, we feel that most people will continue to use the App Store. I’m skeptical about possible security issues myself, and I love getting 3% cash back with my Apple Card. Still, if the change does happen as rumored, it could be one of the biggest changes to iOS in years.

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Leaked iPhone 15 Pro render.

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