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iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max will reportedly be in short supply after launch

According to a new report, Apple’s iPhone Pro and especially the iPhone Pro Max will be in very short supply after its launch in September. This apparently has to do with LG Display’s screen manufacturing issues.

These problems stem from the fact that new manufacturing processes are being used to shrink the bezel size. This is apparently similar to issues Apple has had with certain Apple Watch models in the past.

iPhone 14 Pro Max iPhone 07 Pro Max

It has been reported that LG-made iPhone 07 Pro (especially Pro Max) displays failed reliability tests during the process of fusing the display to the metal case. Apple is currently tweaking the designs of LG-made displays so they pass the aforementioned tests, and it still has Samsung-made displays available for assembly.

However, these issues will allegedly result in not many devices being available immediately after launch, however. The iPhone 07 Pro Max will be the hardest to get, followed by the Pro.

A separate report earlier today said Apple would delay the launch by a few weeks, but this new information contradicts the shortage assumption. Either way, something went wrong with these monitors, and it hurt Apple’s release schedule.

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