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Irina Shayk Brings Vintage Style to Her Supermodel Coachella Wardrobe

Coachella Weekend kicks off this weekend in Indio, CA — and the annual festival certainly doesn’t, both in terms of street style and performers on stage disappoint others. (It also helps that there are plenty of A-listers in the crowd, including Kendall Jenner, Hailey Bieber, and Lil Nas X.) Supermodel Irina Shayk was also in town, and it was her second time attending the event. Activity. “It’s always an amazing festival, full of energy and vibe,” Shayk said. “And so many performers—my favorite part!” (Her favorite act of the weekend? “Definitely Rosalía,” Shayk said. “I love her Motomami album released last year.”)

While Coachella is all about absorbing music, it’s undeniable that this event has also become one of one’s best Opportunity to be seen in a statement ensemble. Shayk certainly sees Coachella as a fashion spectacle, and the model says it’s always a good time to think outside the box and experiment with your own style. “For me, Coachella is a great opportunity to have some extra fun with your looks and try on looks that might be a little out of your comfort zone and you wouldn’t have had the chance to wear at other events,” Shayk Say.

This weekend, Shayk described her holiday style as “chic, effortless, Comfort” – puts a lot of emphasis on pulling vintage pieces from her own archives. “I like to mix some of my favorite designer pieces with really stunning vintage pieces to create super unique looks,” says Shayk. “Coachella is a great opportunity to reclaim some looks that have been in your wardrobe for a while—and mix and match them in a new and fun way.”

Some of her personal highlights this weekend? She paired a black leather Burberry bikini with Vivienne Westwood shoes and Rick Owens sunglasses; a colorful Versace bra top with a vintage paisley Etro skirt; or a vintage khaki Yves Saint Laurent jumpsuit with wild leopard-print Versace boots. Shayk says she collects these archival pieces from stores around the world. “I love going to vintage stores, whether it’s in New York or when I’m traveling, because you really have a chance to find something that’s really unique,” ​​says Shayk.

Than yet, playing dress up this weekend was a one-of-a-kind experience Shayk had while doing it. “It’s so much fun spending time with friends, jumping from stage to stage, listening to all the different artists, and just soaking up the music,” Shayk said. “The vibe at Coachella is truly magical – like no other!” Below, see all of Shayk’s vintage outfits from the weekend.



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