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Irina Shayk's latest look belongs to Wall Street

Irina Shayk is Giorgio Armani One of several VIP guests today at the Spring show in Milan, Italy (with Cate Blanchett Chet was in the front row with stars like Alessandra Ambrosio) . However, her unique front row look made her stand out from the fashion crowd: Shayk looked like she belonged in New York in a classic suit and tie Wall Street.

Given that tailoring has always been one of Armani’s strong suits, Shayk’s black suit, white button-up shirt and skinny black tie were a fitting fit for the Italian brand’s runway show Choice – Although it’s not a traditional fashion week choice, glittery gowns and heels usually prevail in these outfits. The model went with more of a menswear-inspired fit, right down to the shoes, a bulky pair of black lace-up oxfords (great for squirting from runway to runway, mind you). Shayk’s stylish suits are a tribute to timeless classics. Plus, the relationship has been totally for a while. So, does that mean the model is in her banker fashion era? All she needs is a briefcase and she can ring the stock market bell.



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