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Irina Werning's long hair project for Acheval Pampa

Text and photos by Irina Werning

Many cultures around the world, from the original American From residents to Sikhs, believe hair has a special meaning. Many ancient cultures believed in the power of uncut hair. While each culture and belief is different, many are eerily similar.

Since 2006 I have been working on a personal project (dear long hair) where I search and photograph women Long hair is found in Latin America, mainly Argentina. A leader of the Kolla community (Argentina’s largest indigenous population) once told me: “Your hair is important; it’s your connection to the land. It’s a teaching passed down from generation to generation.

For Indigenous communities, hair is the physical manifestation of our thoughts, an extension of ourselves, and so is the idea of ​​Mother Earth. This relationship is based on a deep spiritual connection to Mother Earth that guides Indigenous peoples Practice awe, humility and reciprocity. It is also based on survival needs and values ​​thousands of years ago.

When Acheval Pampa came to me and asked me to use my long hair project to shoot their Clothes, I jumped at the chance. AchevalPampa is a fashion label that pays homage to the ‘gauchos’, the guardians of the South American countryside, and draws inspiration from the nobility of these horse riders’ unique outfits. Sofia Achaval de Montaigu and Lucila Sperber Selected by Begin this adventure by reviving the way they used to ride horses as children.”With ÀCHEVAL, we want to bring this world back and make it fit for our time and new standards of luxury. “

Exclusively produced by a local textile mill in the Pambia region (Argentina, Uruguay and southern Brazil), for the brand to stay true to their roots by promoting artists and craftsmanship And maintaining their ethical values ​​is very important. ÀCHEVAL embraces the ‘Pampa’ feel with a unique range of equestrian, timeless, casual basics.

Irina Vonin




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