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iRobot's poop-avoiding Roomba j7 vacuum is on sale for $200 today

Great news, guys! Wellbots is currently deducting up to $200 from cat Ubers — err, robot vacuums. Well, this might not be the most exciting news of the week, but most people would agree that cleaning is no fun. Luckily, robot vacuums like iRobot’s Roomba j7 and Roomba i3 Plus EVO can speed up the process and make it less hands-on.

Now you can buy the Roomba j7 — our favorite robot vacuum cleaner — when you use promo code THEVERGE200 at checkout at Wellbots for just $399 ($200 off), which matches robovac’s lowest price to date. The vacuum cleaner offers a wealth of powerful features, including scheduling, obstacle avoidance, the ability to map the layout of your house, and Alexa, Google, and Siri support, so you can start or stop the vacuum with just your voice. Plus, it’s unlikely to run over your pet’s poop, and if that happens, you’ll get a new one for free within the first year of ownership.

While the base j7 doesn’t come with an auto-emptying dock like the pricier j7, which is also sold at Wellbots for $599 instead of $799, when you use Same promo code (THEVERGE200) at checkout. Read our Roomba j7 Plus review .

iRobot Roomba j7 Roomba j7 has obstacle avoidance to navigate around furniture and smaller objects it deems dangerous. In addition to cleaning on a set schedule, the j7 can also start working via voice commands or the Roomba app. Now you can get the robovac from Wellbots for $399 ($200 off) when you apply promo code THEVERGE200 at checkout.

  • $399 exist


    iRobot Roomba j7 Plus )

    The j7 Plus excels at avoiding obstacles, has long battery life, and includes an auto-emptying dock. Additionally, iRobot will replace the vacuum cleaner free of charge if iRobot encounters pet litter within the first year of ownership. For a limited time, you can get it at Wellbots for $599 ($200 off) using promo code THEVERGE200 at checkout.

    $599 at Wellbots

  • If the Roomba j7 and j7 Plus are too expensive for you, Wellbots is also discounting the Roomba i3 Plus EVO $150. We think this is the best self-emptying robot vacuum, now you can just use promo code THEVERGE150

    at checkout .

    In terms of functionality, this A great robovac and Roomba j7, and almost the same battery life. It also offers voice control, scheduling, and smart maps, so you can instruct the vacuum to stay away from rooms that might be more cluttered (and it does). Note that the i3 Evo lacks obstacle avoidance and occasionally bumps into things like chairs, probably because it doesn’t have a built-in camera.

    iRobot Roomba i3 Plus EVO

    Like its pricier j7 Plus counterpart, more compact The iRobot Roomba i3 Plus Evo uses two rubber brushes and a side brush for cleaning. It makes up for its stripped-down features at a lower price and an excellent software update with additional features. When you use the code THEVERGE150 at checkout, you can get it from Wellbots for $399 instead of $549, and it comes with an auto-emptying base.


    at Wellbots
    Got a great OLED TV on the market? Instead of the all-time low price of $1,799.99, you can currently pick up the LG C2 in a 55-inch configuration at Amazon, B&H Photo, and Best Buy for $1,596.99. Newer LG models are brighter than their predecessors and offer new features, including the ability to log into different user profiles and a “dark room” setting designed to reduce eye strain. It also has some of the best features of the LG C1, namely a fast 120Hz refresh rate, support for Nvidia G-Sync and AMD Freesync technologies, and a fast processor. Both TVs also boast a “Game Optimizer” mode, a settings pane that gives you quick access to settings like refresh rate and latency.

    LG C2 OLED (55 inches)

    LG C2 available in 42-inch configuration, lighter and brighter than previous generation -gen’s predecessor, C1. It also boasts a “dark room” setting to reduce eye strain, as well as the ability to log into different user profiles. $1,597

      Amazon )


    at B&H photo

  • If you are interested in picking up Marvel’s Spider-Man Remake For PC, Eneba is currently offering modest discounts on games that just launched. Now you can get the critically acclaimed game for $44.99 instead of $59.99 at Eneba when you use promo code SpidermanR – yes , which is Spider-Man with a capital “R” at the end — at checkout. As
    The Verge Jay Peters recently pointed out in his hands – in the opening credits, the 2018 re-release of one of the best superhero games on the market is still delightful , and works great on both PC and Steam decks.

  • Marvel’s Spider-Man Remake (PC)

    Marvel’s Spider-Man Remake is a re-release of the hit game of 2018, we used to It’s called one of the best superhero video games ever made. When you use promo code SpidermanR at checkout, Eneba is $44.99 and Not $59.99.
  • $45 at Eneba
  • More deals to start your weekend

  • Now that Samsung has announced the upcoming Galaxy Buds 2 Pro, both Amazon and Best Buy are discounting the previous model to $119.99 ($80 off). The previous-generation Galaxy Buds Pro still boast great sound quality, effective active noise cancellation, and IPX7 water and sweat resistance. Read our review.

  • Apple’s 2020 iPad Air is even bigger than ours this week Cheaper when it was first reported earlier. Originally priced at $599.99, you can currently pick up the Wi-Fi version with 64GB of storage for $399.99 at Best Buy, which is an all-time low. While the 10.9-inch tablet doesn’t have Apple’s M1 CPU, its A14 Bionic processor is still fast enough for most users. It also offers a great display and a USB-C port for charging. Read our review .

    You can get it today at Amazon for $22.94 ($14.06 discount) for the Rocketbook Fusion smart notebook, the lowest price we’ve seen all year. Rocketbook Fusion is an erasable 42-page notebook you can use to quickly store your notes in a popular cloud service that offers multiple page styles for planning, lists, goal setting, and more.

    Soundcore History at $49.99 50% off Anker’s Soundcore Liberty Air 2 Pro Black Edition. Solid wireless earbuds offer impressive noise cancellation for the price, along with good voice quality. Read our review . Apple’s Leather AirTag Keyring is again in Amazon is selling select colors for $19 instead of $35, the first all-time low price during Prime Day. Given that Apple’s AirTags lack built-in loops, you’ll need an accessory like this – or the AirTag Loop, also available at Amazon for about $19 ($10 off) – to attach an item tracker to your belongings.



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