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Is Aidan Shaw Actually a Good Furniture Designer?

“In Aidan’s defense, collectible design popped off a little later with fairs like Design Miami developing more of a market for out-there designs,” says Mallett, who also compared Aidan’s designs to Ethan Allen. “To be a salvage one-off design guy maybe he had to play it a little more safe. But still then or now being hot and telling a story is a big part of moving merchandise.”

Eventually, in season four, Aidan gets hotter (goodbye thumb rings) and opens a bar. Scout, with its smooth mahogany counters, looks to be his crowning achievement. “His bar with Steve feels like the strongest work in his oeuvre,” says Watamanuk. “The warm Americana of it feels a little ahead of its time for the turn of the millennium, like the influential Freemans in the Lower East Side that would come later—but without the regrettable taxidermy.”

As a furniture shop-cum-bar owner, Aidan positioned himself as the Green River Project blueprint, minus all the twigs. The Green River Project—owned by designers Benjamin Bloomstein and Aaron Aujla, who is married to Bode designer Emily Adams Bode—designs furniture and interiors, such as the Chinatown bar and restaurant Dr. Clark. They make beautiful things and beautiful spaces (the Bode stores they design are little rustic jewel boxes). But Aidan did it first! Can he get a discount on a chore jacket?

“He walked,” says Mallett, “so Green River Project could run.”

“He has a rustic cabin, drives a vintage pick-up truck, and has a bird-hunting dog,” says Watamanuk. “Aidan might have been the original Bode Boy.”

Aidan made his Sex and the City debut on July 9, 2000. And despite what the youth of today might view as the “Y2K aesthetic,” a flip through Architectural Digest’s July 2000 issue reveals that Aidan was quite on trend for his time, fitting in with squishy, craftsman-type offerings. 

Like Aidan himself, is it for me? No. I personally prefer Mr. Big and his commitment issues and tiny beige furniture. But isn’t it nice to cuddle in a deep leather chair with someone you love, turquoise rings and all? There are several currently available for purchase from West Elm.



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