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: Is Apple committed to upholding workers' right to organize? Investors want to know.

Investors in Apple Inc., concerned about mounting allegations of unfair labor practices at the tech giant, filed a shareholder proposal Wednesday calling for the company’s rights to freedom of association and collective bargaining for workers. Commit to an independent assessment.

Investors led by the New York City pension fund said the company made its annual announcement on Wednesday about its latest products and services, following a filing with the National Labor Relations Board on behalf of Apple Inc. 14 Unfair Labor Practices documents. AAPL, +1.88% employees, as of Aug. 25.

The ability of workers to exercise their fundamental union rights is deeply disturbing,” New York City Comptroller Bradland said in a statement. Lander said , the city’s pension fund has invested more than $3 billion in Apple.

Apple raised starting salaries at retail stores ahead of the first union vote at Apple stores in June. Apple Store employees in Maryland voted to unionize in June, according to union leaders, and more store employees have reportedly expressed interest in joining. Last week, employees at the Apple Penn Square store in Oklahoma City applied for union elections .

The shareholder proposal said the company had made “a global commitment to freedom of association, including the right to non-interference and collective bargaining,” citing employees accusing Apple of intimidation tactics such as “One-on-one manager meetings, captive audience meetings, retaliatory firings and threats to reduce or eliminate benefits” in an attempt to prevent them from organizing. The company reportedly hired a prominent law firm known for its anti-union tactics.

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Shareholders, which also include Parnassus Investments, Service Employees International Union Master Trust Pension Plan, SOC Investment Group and Trillium ESG Global Equity Fund, are calling for a third-party assessment to be in place by September 5, 2023 Publicly disclosed on the Apple website.

Apple has not responded to a request for comment.

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