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Is it wrong to try to pick up girls in a dungeon?Mobile Action RPG Plays New Trailer

Developer Team Caravan started playing new trailer for it and AimingComing soon
Battle Chronicle (Is It Wrong to Try Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? Battle Chronicle)
Battle Chronicle for iOS Games and Android Thursdays.

Game will start in March Closed beta 10 to March .

The game is slated for a spring release

The game is Fujino Omori Anniversary Celebration and Original novel series by Suzuhito Yasuda. The game will be free to play with optional in-game purchases. The game will allow players to relive the franchise story and battles with familiar characters such as “anime 3D graphics like Bell and Hestia. The actors of the anime are reprising their roles.

Players can form their own team through various training elements such as “adventurers”, “assistants”, and “scene cards”, and then embark on an adventure journey . There will be battle royales where the other characters are enemies, as well as auto battles where organization is key.

(Is it wrong to seek encounters in the dungeon? IV New Chapter: Labyrinth) The fourth season of animation, Japan’s premiere in July . HIDIVE is playing the anime titled . (Is it a mistake to pick up girls in the dungeon? IV late chapter: disaster) The fourth season is a new chapter, which premiered on January 5.

Yen Press is posting two Omori Fujino and Yasuda Suzuhito ‘s original novel series and Spinoff novels, and their respective comic book adaptations, in North America.

Source: Caravan Team


channel, Battle Chronicle website via Gematsu 2023




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