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Is it wrong to try to pick up girls in dungeons? IV – Episode 10

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Is it wrong to try to find girls in dungeons? Four (TV 4)?

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Beware of the Juggernaut, my son! Biting paws, grabbing paws! Ignore the lesson of Lewis Carroll’s classic nonsense poem at your own risk , because when it’s set against the backdrop of Bell Cranell’s battle with the Juggernaut, the last line of defense in the dungeon, it looks less like nonsense and more like one of Cassandra’s prophecies. This particular monster may also be a too well-kept secret, because while Uranus explained to Firth that he kept the beast’s existence a secret, it turns out that of the two adventurers who knew about it , one of them is definitely the last person to know. .

This is of course Jura, the man in charge of it One of the wholesale slaughter of the Asalia family. They probably didn’t intend to kill through Juggernaut five years ago, but that’s not something they didn’t welcome, even if it meant the demise of most of the Rudra family, although since then, it seems that the Jura Changed a bit of attitude; hearing him tell Bell about it, it sounds like they were happy to wipe out all hated female family members in an easy way, until later, when Jura realized that Ryu had survived too, A climate of error that has only begun to be acted upon to be corrected.

In this sense, Bell, the eternal white knight, is an extra boon to him. Jura is toying with the fact that Ryu has lost everyone she loves as a way to manipulate her into the path of the Juggernaut a second time. Bell, who she clearly cares about, can count on sacrificing herself to save her, putting Ryu in the exact same situation he was in years ago. It’s the lemon juice in Jura’s planned decoupage, based on the fact that Ryu must feel terrified that even unrelated adventurers are mowed down by the monster in front of him. It’s the bloodiest and creepiest episode of the series to date, and it’s made worse by the final scene where Bale closes his eyes.

But all hope is not lost. Uranus mentions that the aliens know what the dungeon screams mean, and even though most of them are helping Knossos, there are still people out there who can help if she can get there before the lights actually go out.




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