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Is it wrong to try to pick up girls in dungeons? IV – Episode 6

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is it wrong Trying to pick up girls in dungeons? Four (TV 4)?

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Poor poor Lily. She just wants to spend time with Bell, but all these other guys are getting in her way with their (inferior) demands of him. It’s hard to blame Lily for feeling that many of them don’t have the same rights to Bell’s time as she does. After all, Hestia Lily was the first to join Bell’s quest. She even supported him when she shouldn’t, and while it’s hard to deny that she has a crush on him, more importantly, she’s his right-hand man at the party and his best friend. For a while it was just Bell and Lily, though she loved it Most of the rest, she had the right to miss the day when it was just the two of them fighting the dungeon.

This made them end up running away from everyone else (and very real escaping Elsa’s predation) catharsis. It was Lily who got Bell back again, and then the two of them sat outside chatting all night, a soothing moment after they were in danger on the lower floors. They genuinely like each other, enjoy each other’s company, and feel that Belle is more at ease around Lily, usually Welf, than almost anyone else. When he and Lily are casually sitting together, his body language is very different from when people are complimenting him, shopping for a discount, or wanting to entertain him, and even his teatime with Mikoto and Haruhime looks different. Not feeling well like he just hung out with Lily.

This may be more important information than it seems, because there are A lot of people have designs on Bell, whether he knows it or not. In some ways, Cassandra and Daphne’s use of him to haggle shows this in a light-hearted way, but Denatus at the beginning of the episode really serves as a warning to us. When the gods decided to give Bell a new nickname, the first person to suggest it was Freya, and her choice was “Freya’s husband”. Setting aside the fact that this is a rude request to another goddess’ family member (Hestia no

Miss), which also hints at Freya’s nefarious interest in Bell. We know that gods shouldn’t have romantic entanglements with humans, even if it’s not explicitly stated in the show, just look at almost all Greek myths involving Zeus and mortal women, or Apollo’s relationship to myths (as opposed to the real world) Daphne and Cassandra Why is this a very bad idea. Hestia may be romantically in love with Bell, but she won’t do anything to get him hurt. Can we say the same about Freya, a goddess who performed for him very openly. Is Loki’s counter suggestion to defuse the Freya/Hestia situation? It seems possible, but as a deceitful god, she can easily throw fat on the fire to make it burn even hotter. In any case, this Denatus may be Freya’s first public statement, But it’s hardly her first attempt to grab Bell’s attention. She definitely deserves attention.

But given what’s going on, it’s easy to forget that in Dungeon Town. We still know very little about Ryu’s past, but it’s both puzzling and shocking that she leaves the benevolent mistress just to murder a businessman there. Is Lucy crazy? Or did she learn something that kept her from sitting down and serving wine? More importantly, will Bell be with the others against her? There’s almost certainly a lot more to the story than we’ve got, and finding out the truth about the genie known as Gale is both a tantalizing storyline and a dangerous proposition that’s just waiting to teach us something terrifying. secret.


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