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Is it wrong to try to pick up girls in dungeons? IV – Episode 7

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Cry, Trojan, cry. Cassandra Ilion had a dream, and her dream was a bloody one – shattered adventurers scattered on the floor of the dungeon, gleaming elven eyes watching her destruction, only the rabbit seemed to escape unscathed, But not unscathed. But no one would believe her words because of the curse of Apollo on her, so Kassandra of Aerion was doomed to weep dry her tears, and no one was wiser in her advice.

Except this is not old Troy (Aerion is the city’s alias), and even then, Bell Cranell is around and he won’t be shaken by some bad curse. While I definitely didn’t fool that Bell might be on the side against Ryu, his unwavering belief in people he knows and cares about has an important flip side: when they start telling him something might be a bad idea. When Cassandra asks him not to join the hunt for Gale Wind, he’s more or less in trouble, as he desperately wants to prove Ryu’s innocence while also convincing Cassandra of her prophecy, but he remains committed to finding a way to make the two. method in which both work. While Cassandra doesn’t make it clear that she doesn’t want everyone , others Go with Bell, she still manages to express it – yes, she could have been more tactful when it came to poor Chun Hee, but asked her for the ridiculous reason she shouldn’t be Between Welf’s special armor for Bell, she still doesn’t say it without her words. That’s probably why her curse (or bad luck, in the case of the show rather than the original myth) didn’t work: Technically, she didn’t say why she thought so. She just works around her dreams to get her point across.

Part of it may be because she found Ryu knowing that Bell wouldn’t back down In terms of. But what’s more important here is the constant mention of the Astraea Familia. That was the family that Lyu belonged to before she was wiped out, and she vowed to avenge Xue Ren after her comrade died. We saw a little bit last season, but most people, perhaps foolishly, thought she was done by now. She probably was – we don’t know if the deceased was one of the people behind the fall of the Asalia family. But we’re also not sure that Ryu killed him, that’s the real sticking point. If he did help orchestrate their deaths, then it’s all the more no wonder Ryu took him away, at least in the context of a fantasy guild-based world. But if Ryu is framed for killing someone who may not be objectively good but has nothing to do with Astraea Familia’s doom, that’s another story entirely. While it may be difficult to pinpoint who exactly is behind their failures, just randomly killing semi-bad guys and blaming them on Gale Wind is a pretty effective way to get rid of someone who might be a hindrance, if not outright get rid of them plan.

All of this is going deep into the dungeon, which is not good. Cassandra’s prophetic dream of predicting everyone’s death could easily have less to do with Ryu and more because the lower level is where things seem to be going down. Bell is most likely intact (or at least alive), which is probably why he’s the only one she sees alive. But either way, as Edna St. Vincent Millay put it, they’re going to go into darkness. Whether smart and lovely, or lovers and thinkers, will reappear in the light is up in the air. Score:



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