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Is “Roeveber” really coming?

While Roe has had a rousing impact on the Democratic Party and has highlighted reproductive freedom among races across the country, Rowenber swept the Promising, or dramatic blue (or pink) waves are still unlikely. “I think we’re probably going to see that the impact of it will be inconsistent,” Amy Walter, publisher and editor-in-chief of the Cook Political Report, told Vogue Dobbs decision.

Vote in a high-stakes race against Republican-controlled state legislatures and/or restrictive abortion laws — like Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, or Michigan — — Abortion is imperative. The issue dominates the vote in Michigan, where Democratic incumbent Gov. Gretchen Whitmer has made reproductive rights a centerpiece of her campaign. She vowed to “fight for abortion rights,” including filing a lawsuit to prevent triggering the ban. “Literally, that governor’s race is somewhere between abortion and less access,” Walter noted.

The panic was less so Seriously, however, the abortion issue “is competing at a time when people are focusing on other very important issues,” Walter said. “When it comes to voting, it’s also, ‘Well, what do I think about the economy? How do I think about crime? Who do I think will get things back to normal?'” Abortion remains a top concern for many Democrats, but according to Walter’s Says that national polls showed “the importance of abortion has declined since earlier in the summer,” when the outrage Dobbs was fresh.

For Oriaku Njoku, executive director of the National Abortion Fund Network, abortion is inextricably linked to economic and other electoral issues. “Over time, I don’t think people will go to the polls just because of abortion,” Njoku told Vogue. “The reality is, as Audre Lorde said, we are not living a single problem life, it is a single problem trying to achieve our collective emancipation.” This includes economic, racial and gender justice, they say , and how abortion intersects with it. Abortion ranks fifth among the top 5 issues that matter most to black women in key states including Ohio, Georgia and Pennsylvania, Texas and Tennessee, according to September data by nonpartisan research firm PerryUndem. Poll conducted by In Our Own Voice: National Black Women’s Reproductive Justice Agenda.

Restoring or codifying Roe is an inadequate goal, according to Njoku, given its impact on accessibility limit. “We need to go beyond Roe ,” Njoku said; and beyond the midterms: “The battle is not just an election,” or any luscious calendar month. “Talking about it in Rowenbo’s name, I think it’s really cute,” Njoku said. “Can we do this in all other months?”



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