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Is the “Mall Explosion” making a comeback? Dua Lipa says yes

La Croisette was decked out with trend displays, parades of premieres and photo calls demanding major beauty statements from past Cannes Film Festivals. So when Dua Lipa attended the premiere of Omar La Fraise (The King of Algiers

), accompanied by French director Romain Garvas, the pop star chose to honor Pamela Anderson’s signature ’90 bangs are a modern take on tradition.

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Lipa’s bangs are soft and figure-splayed, falling over her eyes, fanning across her forehead, and grazing her cheekbones , with a high-shine finish. As with many recent bang iterations (and there are many), style is more about form than function, requiring plenty of style and just the right amount of drop , when combined with a high onyx bun and a bias-cut Celine gown, gave it a sense of luxury and cool. Lipa’s bangs are reminiscent of fringes from decades past; think Anderson in the

years, wearing mall bangs for a decade, wiping each strand with aerosol hairspray Hair is held in place.

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