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Is this a trend report for the future?Artificial Intelligence Interpretation of 2023 Fall Men's Wear Season

I visited Outlier designer Willie Norris in her Brooklyn studio late last year. After she showed me her collection, she told me she had some cool things to show me. Like any decent journalist – and curious person – I was dying to check it out. As it turns out, Norris teamed up with artist Zak Krevitt to interpret images for her spring 2023 lookbook through the lens of AI—yes, artificial intelligence. Krevitt transformed Norris’ models into dreamlike otherworldly beings: aliens walking the runway in menswear of fantastic proportions – like a Vogue catwalk lookbook and surreal paintings being put into a blender.

A few weeks later, I connected with Krevitt on Instagram. Norris makes a lot of AI illustrations, and when I was sharing one online, Krevitt popped up in my DM asking to claim his work – as he should! Let’s chat. Like many people, I saw all the arguments about AI online, but was curious about how it worked. Krevitt explains a lot of things that I can’t eloquently explain here: code, custom AI models, image databases, math in data science. I learned from our conversations that artificial intelligence, as scary as it sounds – from Scarlett Johansson in Her to Wall-E to I, Robot comes to mind – an opportunity to process images and data. It’s here whether we like it or not, so why not try to understand it?

Here’s what we did: Krevitt and I spoke at the start of the menswear show, and we saw an opportunity to create various AI trend reports. As I do every menswear season, I track trends from the moment I see the first show hit the runway, and once the runway team and I have finalized the final list, Krewitt Just fed all our images to the mannequins he created: going out tops, tights, heavy jackets, new athleisure, redesigned office attire…

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Vogue fashion show report contains nine trends dominating the fall 2023 menswear season; Krevitt produced the Appearance of composite collections. Yes, the 2023 completely new look was created via AI based on all the data we collected from the menswear season.




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