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ISDE Day 2: U.S. Remains 4th in World Trophy, Women Continue to Lead

KTM has sent out another press release outlining Day 2 of the US ISDE effort.

Dante Oliveira first to deliver ISDE Day 2 Special Test Victory

The U.S. Women’s Trophy Team excels under Richards

LE PUY-EN-VELAY, FRANCE – On the second day of the 96th FIM International Six Days Enduro (ISDE), American riders are looking for fresh terrain to travel to Le Puy-En-Velay, France. KTM’s Brandi Richards finished fourth again in the Women’s World Trophy, propelling the US to a seven-minute lead over the UK. The World Trophy team lost some ground on day two, but American KTM rider Dante Oliveira had some personal success with his first test win and fifth place of the day.


Tuesday’s special test was the same as yesterday’s game, the second time looks very different , but that didn’t stop American ladies from catching up. Brandy Richards was well ahead of the rest with a smooth and consistent run, a little over a minute ahead of second, giving the team another big hit earlier in the week. charge. KTM-backed rider Korie Steede had another solid day of results, finishing fourth in the women’s class, with Rachel Gutish (GASGAS) seventh for the day.

Brandy Richards: “The second day was really good. We had a Same test and transfer yesterday, so today’s test is more comfortable. We got another 3 minutes as a team, so I’m very excited about the day and will keep it going!”

Korie Steede: “It was a tough day of testing for me, I was just fighting the bike, not very comfortable outside, but the team killed it! Brandy crushed it as usual, I Looking forward to tomorrow, leave today behind.”

World Trophy Team (WT)

Team USA is still in 4th in the World Trophy race lost a bit of momentum on the second day, but they are still fighting for the podium. FMF KTM Factory Racing’s Dante Oliveira had a great start, taking his first special test win in the first test of the day – and first for the Americans this week victories. He went on to finish sixth and fourth in the final test, finishing the day in fifth. Teammates Kailub Russell and Josh Toth struggled to keep pace with the leaders, but they were both able to give the team consistent time.

Dante Oliveira: “Today is for me Great day, I finished fifth overall and had a test win in first. I kind of dropped back to two and three and then picked it up back to four and five. All in all, a great day. The track is outdated, but tomorrow we’ll have a new course with a new series of tests and we’ll be able to try again.”

Kailub Russell: “On the second day At the end, everyone was very frustrated with the day and how it went. I struggled most of the time and hit the deck once but it was no big deal. We have some new tests tomorrow and we will try to regroup, Getting things back on track.”

Josh Toth: “Another long day – another 175 miles – and I really felt it. I started on the first test A bit out of place and then later in the day the tests seemed better but at the end I had an incident where the guy in front of me veered off course like there was a 30 second gap between us and then jumped right in front of me Got in and messed me up so it was very frustrating and really ruined my special test there. I did my best in the last game and tomorrow we’re going to start a new test and I Excited about it!”


Special test times comparable to World Trophy riders, junior members Mateo Oliveira (KTM) and Austin Walton (Husqvarna Motorcycles) have been in action throughout the run. Finishing 29th the next day, Oliveira continued to make progress in his first ISDE appearance as he battled alongside Walton for the top individual spot in the Junior World Trophy category.

Matteo Oliveira: “Today was a little better for me than yesterday, I went up about three places overall, but still not where I wanted to be Position. I want to fight with the boys, with my brother [Dante]. I know where I play him at home in a week, so it’s a little frustrating when I see the score, but we have three days left It’s time for me to be motivated and ready to give my best and stand up.”

The 2022 International Six Days Enduro race will resume on Wednesday, August 31, with the sixth day Three days will take place in Le Puy-En-Velay, France. For the latest on KTM riders, follow Instagram and keep an eye out for daily recaps from all of America’s teams. For a complete list of results, visit

Women’s World Trophy Classification (After Day 2, 6 Days)

1. USA, 3:54:50.932. UK, +7:03.713. France, +14:04.694. Australia, +14:18.725. Spain, +29:59.94

World Trophy Classification (After Day 2 of 6)

1. UK, 4:33:05.062. Italy, +1:24.783. Spain, +1:29.644. USA, +3:04.065. France, +3:33.79

Junior World Trophy Classification (After Day 2 of 6)

1. Italy, 3:32:54.042. Finland, +1:43.383. UK, +4:05.734. Australia, +4:47.245. Spain, +6:48.87

Main image of Dante Oliveira by KTM Images



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