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Ishura Anime reveals 3 more actors

TV animation staff Keiso and artist Kureta‘s light novel series announced three new cast members on Monday. The newly announced cast members are ( NOTE: The romanization of character names is not official ):
Kwai Ji as Kia the World Word kia.png kia.png

© 2017 Guisu/KADOKAWA/Isura Production Committee

Mamiko Noto

as Elea the Red Tag


    © 450 Guisu/KADOKAWA/Different Shura Production Committee nihiro.png erea.png
    Rie Takahashi as Nihilo the Vortical Stampede

    © /KADOKAWA/Alien Shura Production Committee erea.png

    Previously announced cast members include:

    Kaji Yuki as Soujiro the Willow-Sword visual-02 Reina Ueda as Yuno the Distant Talon

    Jun Fukuyama

    as Ars the Starrider Akio Ohtsuka as Hargent the Silencer Romi Park as Taren the Punished

    visual-02 Hoshimune Ichiro as Magpie Dakai Showtaro Morikubo as Regnejee the Sunset Wings

    Tian Gongkong as Curte the Clear Sky

    © 2019 Guisu/KADOKAWA/Isura Production Committee

    nihiro.png animation will be in Disney+ exclusively streams worldwide.

    Yen Press Novel in English is being released and describes the series: In a world where the Demon King is dead, it is inherited by a group of demigods who can take him down: a master swordsman who can take down opponents with a single glance; cavalry so fast they can break the sound barrier ; a wyvern rogue who fights using three legendary weapons simultaneously; an omnipotent wizard who can turn thoughts into reality; and an angelic assassin who deals instant death. Eager to claim the title of “One True Hero,” each of these champions takes on formidable foes and sparks conflict themselves. The battle to determine the strongest has begun. 198792

    The novel begins on a snowy day Serialized on Narō and Kakuyomu website at 500 . Kadokawa will be published in September The print version of the series Fiction series tops new title categories for tankōbon

    , fiction and Version

    Kono Light Novel ga Sugoi! (This Light Novel Is Amazing!) by Takarajimasha History of Light Novels The strategy with the highest number of votes Meguri


    Manga adaptation launched*) Kodansha March 2021.

    Source: Press Release 2021


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