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Israeli start-up develops personal flying machine

Beersheva, Israel (Reuters) – An Israeli-made electric car designed to take commuters on short trips above the car-crowded streets has completed its first unmanned flight, its developer said, This is a milestone that will help it enter the European market over the next two years.

Considering the enormous advancements in drone technology, the test-phase flight might not seem unusual at first glance. Another propeller plane rises vertically from the ground and then propels forward at high altitude.

But the plane, being developed by Israeli startup AIR, will be able to carry two people – an operator and a passenger – and the company says it can travel on a single charge 150 miles. AIR and many of its competitors around the world believe this kind of travel will eventually become commonplace.

“This is a major milestone,” said CEO and co-founder Rani Plaut. “We have transitioned to forward flight today… bringing us (closer) to our dream of mass producing the AIR ONE.”

There is still a lot to go before people expect to fly themselves Significant hurdles to overcome Plaut said the next phase of testing for AIR is with people on board, including developing regulations and commercializing the technology.


He hopes their electric vertical take-off and landing or eVTOL aircraft will be available for $ by the end of Reserve price listed , . Average daily speed at altitude 1,

is approximately 100 mph (160 kph) feet ( m), Prout said.



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