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Israel's Adesanya says 'one-dimensional' Pereira will have a surprise this weekend

Israel Adessa Nia said he would be on the biggest mixed martial arts arena this weekend.

Middleweight king Adesanya defends himself in main fight against relative MMA rookie Alex Pereira The crown at UFC 281 Saturday night at Madison Square Garden; a fight came after Pereira won two victories over Adesanya in the kickboxing era — the second was a one-punch knockout .

But that was then, and it is now. Adesanya has been flawless at 185 pounds throughout his career and said his experience will be on display on Saturday night as he takes some revenge on the 6-1 Pereira.

No, I don’t think [he was my toughest challenge],” Adesanya via to ESPN said MMA fighting. “He was very one-dimensional. He’s also very early in this game, so I’m happy to have him now. I don’t know who is in his corner. I know he has Glover and his boxing trainer. I don’t know what their background is, I don’t mind, I’m just worried about me. I definitely know he’s not as smart as me in the cage. I know this is true. “

Furthermore, Adesania suggested that Pereira’s pre-match statement reflected a lack of confidence that his own counterattack will be in the cage to quickly deliver this weekend’s big apple.

“Before UFC 243 [vibes], it was given to Robert Whittaker,” Adesanya explained. “I said the same thing and I thought, ‘You behavior is abnormal. ‘ It also had a Costa Rican feel before 253. I guess why are you making all these skits? But yeah, I didn’t say anything, I didn’t respond.

“You’re asking me about this now, so I have to respond, but I don’t have the right response before we get into that octagon, and then I’ll do Give the correct response. When I respond correctly, he will understand what I’m talking about.”




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