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IT Sustainability Think Tank: Why Cross-Business Collaboration Is Key to Achieving Green IT Goals

It takes a village to build a solid and robust IT sustainability strategy, so who should business leaders partner with to achieve their organization’s green IT goals?

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    August 8, 2022

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    Businesses looking to move from sustainability ambition to execution will benefit from adopting an ecosystem approach. This could mean that suppliers and partners, all the way down to industry peers, and even businesses in adjacent industries, face the same challenges when it comes to moving watch faces.

    Hence, technical support, consistent reporting, process redesign, incentives Cooperation in areas such as mechanisms or markets can help target the specific actions needed to enable companies to achieve their sustainable development goals.

    We honor what we make from our work in all departments ‘s sustainability commitment is now a critical effort, and asset-intensive business functions such as IT are well-positioned to drive the SDGs through tangible action.

    The first step is measurement, especially linking performance measurement to the company linked to the Sustainable Development Goals. Afterwards, business leaders will have the information they need to drive behavioral change to improve sustainability performance. Taking procurement as an example, sustainability measurements and actions can be focused on:

    • Reduce consumption first, for example through strong demand management, or using refurbished and repaired materials before buying new ones.
    • Make sure to understand the source of the purchased goods, including their components, to confirm the elimination of any conflict mineral use.
    • Working with ecosystem suppliers Sustainability certificates are visible and verified, and their partners are working towards aligned goals.

    For services that rely heavily on IT equipment of the telecommunications industry, we support the industry by developing the first mobile-specific environment to improve reporting consistency, social and governance (ESG) key performance indicators (KPIs) and industry body GSMA.

    This covers key areas related to CIO and IT such as scope 3 emissions, energy consumption, Material restoration or reuse, waste generation and material recycling.

    The key thing to remember is that change is sustainable The direction of development is not a challenge for any one business function. Both operations and engineering require a joint, cross-functional approach, such as minimising equipment use and waste generation.

    Procurement through Supplier Sourcing, Contracting, Incentives and Accountability It also plays a key role in achieving green goals. And this all needs to be accomplished with finance, which supports the reuse and recycling of materials that incentivize and thus support business leaders in making sustainability-related decisions.

    By joining key internal functions to achieve the same, And working with the right ecosystem partners, organizations can be involved in creating sustainable change across the business.

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