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It Took 2 Weeks To Add All 3,980 Metal Discs To Alexa Chung’s Shimmering Joan Of Arc Dress

We heard Alexa Chung approach the Fashion Awards red carpet before we saw her. With a swish of metal that was something akin to the tinkle of windchimes, the British Vogue contributor, modeling a dress covered entirely in metal discs, arrived in style: with London designer of the moment Marco Capaldo acting as her knight in shining 16Arlington.

Alright fine, we’re getting carried away by the romance of it all, but there’s something quite captivating about shielding oneself entirely in shiny hardware in the name of a good photo. “I’m ready for battle,” says Chung of the 3,980 heavy hand-placed paillettes, which took Capaldo’s team two weeks to position with the aim of constructing a statuesque Joan of Arc silhouette.

“I like listening to music and making sure I eat some carbs as you never know if you’ll be fed, but you sure as hell will be well watered,” shares Alexa, who got ready with Marco at The Berkeley.

Marco Capaldo

“I love the way the dress renders the familiar in a very unfamiliar way,” notes Capaldo, who built the brand he co-founded with his late partner, Kikka Cavenati, on redefining partywear codes. If sequins have been the company’s bread and butter, Chung’s look drives 16Arlington forward. Inspired by the spring/summer 2024 silhouettes, which are more structured than Capaldo’s smash hit Solaria dresses, the new collection invites a closer look at the craftsmanship behind all that glittering yet gritty opulence.

“The dialogue and lighting in David Lynch’s Lost Highway were a real jumping off point,” explains Capaldo, adding that Chung, who had incredible energy in the studio, was “happy to embody the character”. “The success of a red-carpet moment ultimately comes down to the wearer and how they want to present themselves in the world,” he shares of nerding out with his Fashion Awards date. “What I love about Alexa is that the fashion never wears her. Wherever she plays on the spectrum of experimentation, the end result is always very Alexa.” For her part, Chung says she feels like a “hotter, more powerful version of [herself]” wearing 16Arlington.



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