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Italy revives tepid box office, 'Minions 2' with $3 tickets

The Italian version of National Film Days – a five-day event called Cinema in festa, with discounted tickets for certain films in participating theatres across the country – has proven to be a huge success, with more than 1.1 million people flocking to , which brought in box office revenue of approximately $3.9 million (€4 million). This represents a $2.1 million (2.2 million euro) box office increase compared to the previous week.

Inspired by National Film Day in the US and UK, and similar film promotions in France and Spain, Italian Film Festival It is supported by the National Audiovisual Group ANICA and the Exhibitors Association ANEC in the Italian Ministry of Culture and the Italian Film Academy. For five days, from September -, admission to participating theaters is fixed at $3. 10(3€.50) .

Discounts apply to a combination of new release and rerun titles, as well as Universal’s animated hits Minions: The Rise of Gru 1235221818 and Gianni Amelio’s local drama Ant King Most Popular Movies During the Event, and James Cameron “Avatar”1235221818 (2009) which pulls in $347,10 (€347,000) one day.

“There is no doubt that it was a success,” said Simone Gialdini, general manager of ANEC. “The first day went well, considering the time of year and the films shown.” Gialdini noted that during the promotion period, cinema attendances in Italy were still “almost double the number of working screens” in France. over France.

This is not the first cinema in Italy to take part in the festival. The country runs a similar national discount on tickets in 2018 Promotions.

But this year’s event coincides with a near existential crisis for the Italian film industry. The box office hit by the coronavirus pandemic has yet to recover. While movie theaters in festival promotions have sold hundreds of thousands of additional tickets, overall attendance is still down significantly from pre-pandemic figures, closing 10 as a percentage compared to an equivalent week of 2019.

Not all theater owners support this initiative. For example, the PostModernissimo cinema in Perugia posted a dissenting opinion on social media explaining why they were not participating in the festival.

“We celebrate cinema every day,” said PostModernissimo director Giacomo Caldarelli. “I personally don’t think these initiatives are needed. We are already offering discounts on Wednesdays to sell tickets with original language title schedules for €4. It’s been a day of high turnout. In this case, the economic offer Overlapped with cultural offers. Discounting for the sake of discounts made no sense to us, so we declined.”

If Italy really wants to help its struggling cinema owners, Caldarelli says , they should let the exhibitors decide how and when the promotion will be done.

“In this case, even if more customers come in, the revenue will not increase accordingly,” he noted. “Will people who are attracted by discounts come back? Last time they didn’t… We can’t just chase our customers with discounts and subscriptions like streaming platforms.”

Caldarelli cites France example, which has a similar discount promotion but has wider government support.

“As theatre owners, we have benefited from government assistance during the Covid emergency, but [now] we are trying to give back to our community by organising events and conferences, sometimes for free… …reducing everything to a discount without any editorial logic is something we don’t agree with. We want to offer discounts when and how we want.”

ANEC Gialdini, of this year’s festival, said the main goal of this year’s festival was to get people back to theaters after the pandemic and he thought the event was a success. He also noted that the Italian government has done more than just offer discounted airfares, noting that the state has added 10 an additional 100 million euros to finance the Italian film industry. “[And] we’re not going to stop there,” he noted.

Whatever happens next, the films in the festival will be at 2009. Giardini said there will be two film promotion weeks next year, one in June and one in September, the week after the Venice Film Festival.



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