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'It's about LoVe': Pharrell Williams in the Louis Vuitton studio ahead of her debut

Vogue: You have mentioned Ever been inspired by a friend and building this collection was a collaborative exercise for you?

Yes. My life is a collaboration. My talent is collaboration. Because while [here] is a place where I can contribute ideas and visions, I’m with people who are far more talented than me. They are masters, so I have a crash course in other methods, other processes, other perspectives and new opportunities. I take pride in collaborating and this is no exception. All my people are here; Cactus Plant, Matthew Henson, my team, all studios, all 55 different departments – they are all Master craftsmen, everyone. From those who make buttons to those who make luggage locks, there are master craftsmen behind every detail, and they never let go.

Vogue: Okay, so if you’re surrounded by talent in this solar system who are masters of their craft and profession, what role do you play in it? what do you provide?

Vision. Sometimes it’s about getting to the bottom of it all, getting into the details. This is very important to me. People should be able to zoom in and out of view. Both collection and display are 4K. This is. So you can zoom in on the thread or zoom out all the way back and see how we’re looking at topics like things like Damier. But I’ve said too much…

Vogue : What was the idea or feeling behind the collection?

like. and convenience. Another word for convenience to me is luxury. It’s about design for convenience and convenience.

Vogue : Now for some backstory. Was this Louis Vuitton show aired when we met last November?


Vogue: So how did it happen?

Dude, I just got a call like, would you do this?

Vogue: Who is calling?

So, you know, my brother Alexander and I were talking about working together. But I never thought I’d be part of this conversation. If anything, it was another person I always rooted for – my brother Nigo. So when I got the call, I thought this was finally happening!


Vogue: Although he and Kenzo get along very well…



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