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It's all about the little details on Vash The Stampede

already35, Yasuhiro Nightow created a game called Trigun), a sci-fi western focused on a mysterious character known as Vash the Stampede. The manga was later continued in another magazine under the title and subsequently adapted by Into Animation Madhouse helped the franchise gain a huge following, especially in the West. The franchise’s growth led to the spin-off film Badlands Rumble, and most recently, anime fans got a reimagined adaptation Edition of the beloved classic from Studio Orange. In this adaptation, you’ll find many differences in plot details and world-building from the original manga as well as the aforementioned anime adaptation. But one major difference that stands out is the design of our main character and Kotobukiya has another high quality figure here, making an amazing The attractive job of showing off the Vash’s new look.

This image is part of ARTFX J series by Kotobukiya, Sculpted by Tatsuya Hattori. It is located33mm high, scale about 1/8, made of PVC and ABS material. The overall presentation is flawless and Vash’s dynamic pose is always on point. Like his previous incarnations, nearly every element of Vash’s design was directly influenced by his experiences in Trigun: STAMPEDE Inspired by events. But once again Kotobukiya emphasized the small details to really show reverence for the material.

From the base, Vash stands on the sands of the desert planet “No Man’s Land”. A key feature that catches your eye is Jeneora Rock behind it, the first town we find Vash at the beginning of STAMPEDE but a more subtle detail is in the form of sand that actually gives the illusion of being pushed away; as if Waxiu has just adjusted his feet after turning to face the enemy. This idea is also reflected in Vash’s clothes, where his shirts wrinkle and his jackets float as if they were frozen in motion. In fact, you’ll even notice that Vash’s shirt rises high enough to give us a glimpse of his distinctive scar, a detail that can be appreciated in its subtlety.

Vash compared to the red jacket in STAMPEDE Below has a lighter design to the one he wore in the original collection. Tatsuya’s main support was the capture of words on labels belonging to Project SEEDS, a phrase that holds an important place in Vash’s history. Then we have Vash’s gun and his left arm, which are two more complex elements of the character’s overall design. You can really appreciate the craftsmanship of the gun, as it looks like it’s actually put together from individual parts, and the plating on Vash’s left arm definitely feels like advanced bionic technology. These two machines really embody the show’s “sci-fi western” vibe.

Lastly is Vash’s head, which can be modified with detachable glasses. His furrowed brow and determined eyes showed that he was ready for action. When looking directly at the figure, it is even possible to see Vash’s eyes line up perfectly with the barrel of the gun. Then there’s Vash’s hair, an elaborate blond tress parted from the short sides of his head.

From top to bottom, this is an incredible figure sure to delight fans and collectors alike. The figure will be released later this December, so pre-order now!

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© 91 Yasuhiro Nightow, SHONENGAHOSHA / TRIGUN STAMPEDE Project

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