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It's “Eben” again! ‒ Episode 4

What do you think of Episode 4 of

“Ippon” Again ! ?

Community Rating: 4.1
© Yuu Muraoka (Akita Boys Store) / One book is here again! Production Committee
Well, this is only the second comment and I’ve already had to break my word – not that I’m complaining. After three episodes of slow characterization,

goes into full sports anime mode this week, with an episode consisting almost entirely of one-on-one matches. Happily, this transformation comes with some of the show’s best animation to date.

Hiura vs Amane is the highlight , and with good reason. The animation on display is fantastic; perfectly capturing the weight of each combatant, and the subtle, deliberate way each one is trying to throw the other off balance. When two evenly matched athletes go head-to-toe, you can feel the force of every swing, grip and momentum transition.

Ippon also thinks it is suitable for match do the talking, avoiding the narration that is usually used to attend to the audience and explain everything we are watching. The comments there sound like real sideline chatter, with teammates cheering each other on or keeping them updated. What matters is that the intensity of the game is fluid and uninterrupted, if it means making the audience intuitively distinguish


and full ippon, which is a sacrifice I’m glad they made.

Of course, the writing is still there to support And to give meaning to all this action, the way things happen between Hiura and Amane is very sweet. Everything in the last episode suggested that Amane wanted revenge on Hiura for her behavior in middle school, but the truth is far more sentimental than that. What Amane really wanted all along was to apologize to Hiura for her reaction after the loss and shake hands (and other body parts) with her opponents/friends like in the past. Hiura, the one-time sweetheart, wants the same thing, hoping to apologize for not taking the starting spot she won from Amane. The credits roll just before the end of the match, but the duo’s dueling inner monologue evolves into the perfect climax that caps off the episode. It’s as fleshed out and punchy as any showdown in a sports anime; the only difference is that the outcome of the match is secondary, as I’d like to see these two embrace it when the clock hits zero.

Besides the orgasm, this The episodes are mostly the same: charming characterization and humor, though this time around it’s all about how the girls cope with combat. For example, Michi is easily the worst competitor of the three. She has enough grit but not enough skill to support her dreams of judo supremacy. But she proved herself to be the perfect glue for the team through her indomitable spirit. She might not be the best at reading atmospheres, but she knows Sanae well, knows when her friend is overwhelmed, and has just the right words to get her out of the vortex of anxiety. She’s not a guaranteed win on the mat, but Michi is exactly the type of teammate you want.

Meanwhile, Sanae sets herself apart Instead of some interesting fights, sidestepping the more dramatic throws we typically see, and implementing a stamina-based ground game that drags her opponents off their feet and forces them into slow submission. It’s a really cool way to set her style apart from Hiura and Michi’s and flesh out judo as a sport beyond its most familiar aspects. I also like that Seno takes a strategic approach to countering this style, thanks to Amane for his suggestion. It shows that judo is more than pure skill and that different approaches to different opponents are a key part of the game. More importantly, this teamwork helps create a camaraderie among the Kasumigaoka team, better shaping them into their characters. It’s all great stuff, plus such an exciting race, making for the best episode yet.




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