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It's “Eben” again! – Episode 8

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“Ippon” Again ! ?

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The team is assembled, the training segment is over, it’s time to head back to tournament soil for another game – hopefully longer, for our girls’ sake – a series Contest. As always, “Ippon” It’s because we’re not in a rush that we don’t jump right into their first fight, but instead follow Michi and the others through the opening scene before meeting their occasional opponent. It makes it pretty chill to watch, but that’s what this show does best.

Sure, part of me wants Jumping back into the fray to see what our cast can do, but the downtime here is put to good use. First, we fleshed out Shino-sensei a little bit, showing that she was wary of Nagumo competing as a white belt after an injury derailed her own high school athletic career. It’s a classic sports story beat, but I’m honestly glad we have an adult who actually observes and cares about the students. With so many sports anime ridding their kids of reckless pranks that could wreck their bodies, all in the name of winning a high school tournament, it was refreshing to see Sinon steadfastly keeping Nagumo out of the game. As frustrating as it might be to miss this game, it’s better than breaking a leg and missing out.

We also met their first An opponent who just so happens to have their own dramatic sports story. Heck, on paper they’re even more of a failure than our main crew, only three members seeming to have scrapped a club after it was disbanded five years ago. On the one hand, it’s a very convenient game, but every team in this tournament has a story that makes them feel as real as our heroes. They have backstories, motivations, and relationships that existed before then, and are no less than our main heroines. The laws of storytelling make Aoba West’s victory almost a foregone conclusion, but giving texture to the opponent is a great way to make the conflict feel less predetermined. Plus, Sachi is cute, and the height mismatch between her and the dwarf Michi makes me smile every time they’re on screen together.

We only saw the beginning couple game, but I like the competitive energy they share. The biggest thrills in the sports narrative come when both sides are fired up and put everything they have into the game, and the added element of their size difference adds to the tension. Sachi’s height and build give her the edge, but it makes the idea of ​​our underdog toppling her all the more exciting, and the firepower of the competition is lit at the same time. It’s almost poetic that Michi lays out all the feelings a match brings up, and how they grow stronger with increasing intensity. We’ll have to wait until next week to see the conclusion, but just watching these two smile as they grappled was enough to make this half of the match itself satisfying.

In addition, this The set is messy with charming details. My favorite is the blink-and-miss moment where Shino stops Nagumo from walking to the mat with the rest of the team because, of course, the little bug would try to do that. I also appreciate the more casual vibe Himeno brings to the team, balancing out Sanae’s flustered micromanagement. Small choices like this lend an effortless charm to the cast, making even transitional episodes like this appealing.




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