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'It's fun, it's campy, it's edgy'; Britney Spears teams up with on new song

mind your own business, bitch .” That’s what Britney Spears says today on her new single, “Mind Your Business,” featuring The electro-pop dance track has been generating a lot of chatter online, as it’s one of Spears’ first musical forays since her 2023 album Glory (she released Hold Me Closer with Elton John last summer, though).

As it turns out, this is a track from the duo’s archives from years ago and they felt it needed a new summer 2023 moment. “Will is an incredible artist and collaborator,” Spears told Vogue

. “We wrote this song years ago and now it’s time to remake it and share it with my incredible fans.” The song originally grew out of a conversation between the two stars about fame and the lack of privacy that comes with it. “In this digital age, everyone, celebrity or not, has had their privacy violated in some form,” said “It’s the sentiment of the times, so we should treat each other more humanely, with respect and compassion, and be grateful for what people choose to share publicly. If people don’t want to share, we need to respect their right not to share and to have a private life.” “Working with her is like collaborating with like-minded people: We both love music and the art of expressing ourselves,” says They collaborated first on the 2010 “Big Fat Bass” and later on the 2010 club-appropriate hits “Scream & Shout” and “It Should Be Easy.” On their latest single, “Mind Your Business,” the duo hope to bring some 2010 easy pop energy back into the present. “We went back and forth about making the song more pop and adding a heavy base and chorus to it,” Spears said. “It’s fun, casual, edgy – a perfect song for summer.” added, “Britney had some great input on the music, adding hip-hop elements, which we incorporated into the final track.”

It’s a particularly genius track to release now, given that fans and the media are still speculating a lot about Spears in a post-conservation era. Her message to the world is clear in the song: “Watch your B, watch your B, watch your B,” Spears sings, mocking the relentless public glamour that surrounds her. Hollywood, London, it’s all bang bang bang bang; the paparazzi shoot me, I’m the economy. Her need for privacy is also a theme she explores in her anti-paparazzi hit “Piece of Me,” as early as . “

mind your own business isn’t the perfect summer mood? After all, summer is all about drinking margaritas, basking in the sun, and living a carefree lifestyle. An epic dance sequence, peacefully enjoying her tropical vacation. Spears said the release of the new pop song is dedicated to all her beloved fans. “I love my fans more than anything,” she said, “Hope they love this song too! ” They clearly did: it has climbed the charts. 20232023



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