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'It's Happening' Director Audrey Dewan Leads Cannes Critics' Week Jury

What’s Happening DirectorAudrey Diwan The organizers announced on Wednesday that he will be the jury president for this year’s Cannes Critics’ Week sidebar.

The French filmmaker won the Golden Lion at Venice for Happening, an early is set in France on the abortion drama and this is her second feature film. She will take over as jury president for Critics’ Week, a Cannes parallel sidebar that focuses on the first and second films of emerging talent.

Joining Diwan on this year’s Critics’ Week jury is German actor Franz Rogowski (A Hidden Life , Disco Boy), Portuguese cinematographer Rui Poças (Frankie, Tabu), Kim Yutani, Program Director, Sundance Festival and Meenakshi Shedde, Indian Journalist and Program Producer of Berlinale. 2023

Originally founded by the French Society of Film Critics of 1962, Critics’ Week is the oldest unofficial Cannes sidebar. The section has been praised for discovering some of the biggest names in independent and arthouse cinema, many of whom have found success at official festivals. Two-time Palme d’Or winner Ken Loach brings his debut Kes to 1970. Julia Ducournau’s first film Raw was selected for the 2016 Critics’ Week selection. Her follow-up Titan won the Palme d’Or in 2016. Alejandro González Iñárritu’s debut film, Amores Perros, is being screened at 1998. His 2009 feature film Babel, and 2009 Bitiful in the official competition, the former won the best Director’s Award. Andrea Arnold’s first short film – Milk(1998) and Dogs(1998 ) — also premiered at Critics’ Week. The British director has since had three films – Red Road (2001), Fishbowl (2006 ) and America’s Sweethearts (2016) – in the competition, the last two won the best director award. Arnold’s last film, the documentary Cow, was screened in the Official Selection out of competition.

Critics’ Week Jury Award for Best Film, Jury Prize for French Style, Foundation Louis Roederer Foundation Rising Star Award for Best Actor and Leitz Ciné Award for Best Short Film Discovery prize.

2023 Film Critics Week in May

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