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'It's With Us' Writer Responds to Controversy Surrounding Blake Lively and Justin Baldoni's Casting in Sony Adaptation

It ends with us Author Colleen Hoover opens up about Casting Controversy Blake Lively and Justin Baldoni at Sony Based on her best-selling novel of the same name.

with Jenna Bush Hager of Today at the Bananza Book Festival in Hoover, Texas Talking to (Jenna Bush Hager), the writer shared details about the upcoming adaptation , saying that the choice fans have been concerned about is her decision.

One thing fans don’t seem to be happy with is Lively and Baldoni playing Lily and Lyle , respectively because in the book Lily is and Ryle is 30, and Lively is 35, Barr Donnie is . Hoover explained that she wanted to age the characters in the film to correct mistakes she made in the book.

“When I wrote Be With Us , the new adult [genre] was very popular,” she explain. “You’re writing college-age characters. That’s what I’m contracted to do. I make Lily small. I didn’t know neurosurgeons went to school 35 years.”

Hoover continued, “No 30 Neurosurgeon or something. When I started making this movie, I was like, “We need to age them because I screwed up. “So, that was my fault.”

She noted that despite some backlash, she was “very happy” with their casting, sharing that She’s been “obsessed” with Lively since Gossip Girl and I can’t believe the actress agreed to star in the adaptation.

“I was like, ‘Yeah, well, that would be great,'” she said. “I think [Baldoni, who is also the director and executive producer] wants [me] to scream into the phone. But he doesn’t realize that… I don’t allow myself to be really excited because I think, something might happen Anything can go wrong.”

The writer also touches on the discussion surrounding Lily’s costume, which was in Filmed in NJ before production shut down due to writers strike . She said she didn’t really envision certain outfits when she wrote the book, but “loved” the conversations the photos sparked because it meant people cared.

Lily’s style has been described as messy and unpredictable, as she sometimes wears camouflage, sometimes blue boxer briefs, patterned pants, and sometimes Oversized sweater in multicolor.

“I don’t remember describing the costumes at all,” Hoover continued. “I don’t care what they’re wearing. In my head, it’s about the conversations and stories they’re having. It’s the same in the movie.” And they all make sense in the movie.

According to its description, we ended up following Lily after she moved to a new city, where she met By the time she falls in love with neurosurgeon Lyle and has an abusive relationship with him. Then, her first love Atlas (1235398621 played by Brandon Skellner) reappears and challenges new relationship.

Despite such concerns from fans, the author believes that when With Us appeared on the When it’s on the silver screen, the movie people want is the movie they’re going to see. She shared that she’s seen clips during set tours and cried “a lot” despite insisting she’s not an emotional person.

“You’ll be delighted,” said Hoover. “I’m very happy, now my expectations are raised and I’ll keep it going.” 1235311038



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