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'I've always had impostor syndrome' Gigi Hadid on becoming the founder of Guest In Residence

Today, Gigi Hadid and her friends Vogue Fashion Editor-at Large Gabriella Karefa-Johnson in Vogue talks about Hadid’s latest venture, Guest in Residence, her cashmere brand. The colorful baby palm soft brand is the new venture of the world-renowned model. Wearing her own Guest In Residence cashmere sweater, Hadid opened up to Karefa-Johnson about what it’s like to start a business and design a piece.

During the conversation, the two met for the first time a few years ago at Shot in Vogue discussing Hadid’s transformation from model to business founder. As a mother, Hadid has long had the idea of ​​​​founding the brand. (She recalls her parents giving her a cashmere sweater to ward off the New York cold when she was a student at The New School.) Though it was when she found out she was pregnant that it was the catalyst for her brand launch. “You can’t model forever. I’m very creative, and that’s where I see my life go,” she added. “I’ve been thinking about cashmere, but I think it (pregnancy) just made me think I’d feel more settled if I had a job in an office space. I could take my daughter with me.”

Gigi Hadid’s resident guest series.

New Tab brings new responsibilities. “Sometimes I forget you’re the creative director and owner of a big company,” Karefa-Johnson said. Hadid agreed with Karefa-Johnson, he said. “I’ve always had imposter syndrome.” Hadid, however, was far from an imposter. The model noted that while it was always tempting to put her name on fast fashion, which guaranteed instant gratification and instant income, she opted for a more thoughtful and sustainable route. (Hadid mentions that she specifically chose a reseeding mill.) Here, cashmere in particular helps create a thoughtful product. “I don’t think it’s necessarily obvious, but I hope I can come up with something that’s more of a fast-fashion type,” Hadid said, adding: “It feels like the right material that I can play with a lot of Different ways, it’s true to me, true to my style.”

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