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Jack Quaid on 'Star Trek,' 'The Boys,' Fan Culture — and Doing Superman

Jack Quaid is his own fan. Since joining in the animated comedy Star Trek Universe Star Trek: Lower Decks and starred in the wildly popular Amazon superhero show The Boys , he’s all about dedicated fan culture.

“I, myself, am a huge nerd,” Quaid told The Hollywood Reporter . “I feel like I’m lucky to be part of a project that I would have watched if I wasn’t an actor in it. It’s always been a dream of mine.”

He added, “Fans They’re awesome. If you’re so obsessed with something that you dress up as one of the characters or make it fan art, that’s cool.”

Last year, it was announced that Quaid would be joining another beloved franchise as the voice of the titular character on HBO Max and the Cartoon Network animated series My Superman Adventures.

Now there are two main A voice acting role, Quaid enjoys the laid-back nature of the job while also finding the process of helping him perform on screen.

“In the voiceover, you have a lot less fluid on you — that’s the good part,” Quaid said, referring to his time at The Boys . “I feel like I’ve learned a lot about acting on screen through voiceover. Working on it and not overthinking it gives you the freedom I want to try and bring to my live-action work.”

before Thursday’s lower level of creator Mike McMahan Deck Season 3 Premiere, Quaid withTHR Just After PandemicComic-Con, put his Lower Deck character Into

reality show Star Trek: Strange New World Crossover and his desire to one day be part of the Star Wars project. Read the full interview below.

You just attended Comic-Con Lower Deck . With both seasons 1 and 2 coming out during the pandemic, what was it like to finally see such a visceral reaction from audiences to the show?

It was a fun time. It’s so cool to be back in that venue and seeing all these fans again. It was our first H hall since we first went there. [At that time,] we had nothing to show, and it wasn’t a show yet, so it was kind of weird. But this time, it was great. I had a great time. The energy in that room is just — you can feel it. too obvious.

A lot of your work falls into the category of comic-con crazes, which is very important to some people It can be daunting. What was it like to work on a project with such a loyal fan?

I like it. My first movie was really The Hunger Games , which definitely has a very loyal fan base. I think I’m used to the experience. But in the end, it was a great experience because I’m a huge nerd myself. I feel like I’m lucky to be part of a project that I would have watched if I wasn’t an actor in it. This has always been my dream. I feel very lucky to be able to show some of the things at Comic-Con, let alone some of the things that will be at Comic-Con. I feel like I do a lot with fans and hero worship. It was kind of fun to bring it to Comic-Con. Like, Boimler is The Original Series and The Next Generation. [In Boys ,] Before Robin died, Hughie used to be a fan of superheroes. I have to be a toxic fan in screaming. I’m just a fan myself, so it’s a cool analytical culture for fans.

Very meta.

This is very meta. But in the end, fans are great. It’s cool if you’re so obsessed with something that you dress up as one of the characters or make fan art of it. I like that very much. It’s so real and so awesome.

It was recently announced at Comic-Con that we’ll see the A live-action crossover of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds and Lower Decks . Will we see you dressed up as Boimler’s character?

Yes, I feel like I should specify it the exact way because I always Looking for and seeing a lot of different perspectives. So we’ve shot it, it’s Tawny Newsome and me as a live-action version of our animated characters. I don’t know if I can get to the plot details or anything, but yeah, I’m going to have purple hair and we made the uniform. We got on the Enterprise and it was really fun and interacting with a great cast and great crew. Becoming a live-action version of an animated character is a very interesting challenge. What do you do What is too much? What is too little? How do you stay in the sound? How do you bring some materiality to it? How do characters move on an animated show and how do you do that on a live-action show?

But everyone was warm. I feel like [Strange New Worlds star] Ethan Peck and I now have a strong brotherhood. He is amazing. We just had a great time. Tawny never thought she’d be on a physical Starfleet ship, so she touched a lot of buttons, dials and knobs and broke a few things. Just seeing this through her eyes and seeing her light – so cool. We are really good friends in real life, so it was a dream to be able to do this together. And there will be animation elements, but not like Roger Rabbit cartoons mixed with real people. You will see how it all works. It’s so cool.

Star Trek Lower Deck Provided by Paramount+

The show offers tons of insightful references and tributes to Star Trek lore that even superfans might not understand. Can you track them as they pop?

I’m relatively new to Star Trek, like I know very basic Same thing. The deep stuff is what Mike McMahan and Tony had to guide me. It’s nice that when I record, they explain everything to me and make it clear to me. I don’t think you’re going to be funny without a background, Star Trek has a lot of it, our show has more. We just tried to insert as many references as possible. So it’s actually kind of cool to explain to me the great things about the Star Trek universe through these superfans who have their own Star Trek show. But there are a few things I’m starting to learn more and more and become a bigger Trekkie. I’m starting to notice a few things. The first I noticed independently was an episode of season two at the Collector’s Museum, where there was a giant Spock skeleton. So I immediately understood what that meant. I thought, it’s a giant Spock from Phylos [in the animated series episode, “Infinite Vulcan”]. He is dead now. People will be mad at Mike, but this is a cool reference.

ON BOYS , you guys are often covered in blood, I guess it’s not easy to get off at the end of the day. Isn’t it a bit of a breather to show up at work like Lower Decks and relax in the studio?

I like voiceovers. In the voiceover, you have a lot less fluid on your body – that’s the good part. I’ve been lucky enough to do this show and do some animated shows and I’ve really enjoyed the process. I don’t know if I like one better than the other. They’re so different, but I feel like I’ve also learned a lot about acting on screen through voiceovers. Working on it without overthinking it gives you a freedom that I hope to bring into my real-life work. It’s a great experience, and I love that you don’t have to physically look like your anime counterpart. You can be anyone.

And the two shows- Lower Decks and The Boys — can get pretty scruffy at times. When you read the script, was there anything that struck you?

not real. I think I’ve solved all these problems pretty quickly. Honestly, nothing really bothers me anymore. I mean, I don’t know, I said that before reading the script for season 4 of The Boys . I’m sure something is bothering me. [Creator] Eric Kripke always finds a way to surprise me. But the ceiling for my daze is high right now.

Next is the voiceover, you will be in me Plays Clark Kent in The Adventures of Superman . Was it an exciting time to book such an iconic character?

Oh, absolutely. When I first auditioned for that part, they were like, “Hey, this new Superman animated show is coming. Do you want to audition for the role of Superman?” I think my first reaction was pretty sarcastic. “Of course. I’m going to be Superman. Like that’s always going to happen.” So I tried it. I was like, you know, why not? And I think you’re always thinking “why not? This will never happen.” And then it happens.

Is it because of less stress?

There’s not a lot of pressure because you’re like, “Oh, this is forever It’s not going to happen. But like, whatever. At the end of the day, I can say I auditioned for Superman. It was cool.” But then I got it. I was terrified. I never thought I could play Superman like that. I never thought about it. But the show is great. I am really a fan of this show. It’s such a pure, innocent, sincere rendition of a superhero, which is fantastic for me from The Boys. I can play both sides of the same coin – one where we take superheroes off the hook, and one where we say they’re actually selfless and kind. Some of these can be beacons of hope in a dark world. I like this about Superman. I think a lot of people who grow up say, “Oh, Batman is my favorite because he’s black and tough.” He is, he’s really cool. Superman was never cool. But that’s why I like it. No matter what the world is like, in bad or good times, Superman is always there to protect people. I think we need a role like this now more than ever. It might even sound hypocritical, but this is a character who believes in the goodness of people and wants to do the right thing.

As part of all these different universes, you have the character or franchise of your dreams Do you want to join?

I don’t know if anyone has been on Star Trek live In the movies and the live-action Star Wars movies, I might be corrected by nerds, but I want to be the first. The reason I like sci-fi and fantasy comes from Star Wars. I’d kill to be a droid or a Jedi or a Han Solo type, whatever. I may be a grass in the field, I don’t care. Of course, I’d love to be in the Star Wars project. I never thought I’d be on a Star Trek show — period. That’s a dream come true. So I don’t know. Maybe that will happen.

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