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'Jack Ryan' topples 'Wednesday' on streaming series chart

‘Glass Onion’ made its debut in the overall rankings the week before Christmas.

John Krasinski (Jack Ryan)

John Krasinski (Jack Ryan)John Krasinski (Jack Ryan)

John Krasinski in Season 3 ‘Jack Ryan’ Amazon Studios

Jack RyanJohn Krasinski (Jack Ryan) is back to Amazon’s Prime Video feedWednesday topped the streaming series charts. Netflix’s Glass Onions: 1 The knife Out Mystery also has a big Premiere, Peacock brings its first original series to the fore .

Jack Ryan, the third season will premiere in December 12, leading all series in December -18 frames, less than 1.9 billion minutes watched. That’s enough for Wednesday (1.8 billion minutes) , it has a four week run as the top series title in the Nielsen rankings.

Two shows, however, come next Glass Onion, whose 2.01 Billion minutes watched – equivalent to approx. Rian Johnson’s film leads all films with one million full screens. The film does all its business for the last three days of the week as it debuts on Netflix in December 12. This is the third biggest movie debut in Nielsen’s streaming rankings in over two years, behind Hocus Pocus 2 (2.19 billion minutes) and Wonder Woman 991 (2.16 billion) on HBO Max .

Peacock’s Best Man: Final Chapter Debut699 Million minutes watched, marks NBCUniversal streamer’s first original series to top the charts . (Yellowstone, whose library is located at Peacock, have done this seven times and the movie too no and Halloween is over .)

Emily in Paris Back to top and 1. Billion minutes watched, Season 3 premieres on Netflix. The Recruit in the second phase Big leap week, growth 308 percentage is just under 1.7 billion minutes.

Nielsen’s streaming ratings include viewing on TV only and do not include minutes watched on computer or mobile devices. Ratings measure US viewers only, not other countries. December’s Top Streaming Titles 18-21 as follows.


1. Glass Onions : A Mystery of Knock Out (Netflix), 2. Billion minutes viewed

2. Jack Ryan (Prime Video), 1.9 billion

3. Wednesday (Netflix), 1.8 billion

4. Recruits (Netflix), 1.7 billion

5. Emily in Paris (Netflix), 1. 18 billion

6. Cocomelon (Netflix), 991 million7. The little ghost is at home (Disney+), 926 million
8 . How the Grinch Stole Christmas (836) (HBO Max), 864 million

9. Ghost (HBO Max), 836 million

. NCIS (Netflix), 804 million

Original series

1. Jack Ryan , 1.9 billion minutes
2. Wednesday , 1.8 billion 3. Recruits , 1.7 billion


Emily in Paris , 1. billion

5. Best Actor: Final Chapter (Peacock ) , 762 million

1235304574 6. Harry and Meghan (Netflix), 00654 million

7. I am a killer (Netflix), 514 million
8. Prime Sonic (Netflix), 83 million9. Alice in Borderlands (Netflix), 73 million

. Santa (Disney+), 21 million

Acquisition series


Coco Dragon , 926 million minutes 1235298312 2. NCIS , 804 million

3. Bluey (Disney+), 624 Hundred Ten thousand
4. Friends (HBO Max), 490million

5. Yellowstone Park(Peacock),488million

6. The Big Bang Theory (HBO Max) , 530 million

7. Grey’s Anatomy (Netflix), 308 million
8. Criminal Minds (Hulu/Paramount+), 83 million
9. Gilmore Girls (Netflix), 73 million

. White Lotus (HBO Max), 25 million

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John Krasinski (Jack Ryan)



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